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Tips on how to travel to Nha Trang from within Vietnam.

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Best time to visit Nha Trang?

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First, in order to have a wonderful trip in Nha Trang, you have to know the best time to be in Nha Trang.

Nha Trang has a quite a temperate, with 2 seasons rain – dry. According to people who came here, you can actually come to Nha Trang anytime of the year.

It is best that you go to Nha Trang from January to August. But Nha Trang is the most beautiful in July, August, September.

You should not go to Nha Trang in October and November, as Nha Trang rains a lot this time of the year.

August is the hottest time of the year in Nha Trang, so if you want a comfortable time in Nha Trang with cheap price and ease, you should avoid this month. Of course, this is also the best time to visit Nha Trang.

How to get to Nha Trang?

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There are tons of transportations you can use to go to Nha Trang: Buses, planes, Trains… You can choose based on your budget and amount of time.

Buses from Hanoi/Saigon to Nha Trang

-From Hanoi: You can catch a bus to Nha Trang in My Dinh station, Luong Yen station. You should take a Hoang Long bus ‘cause they are cheap and safe. The price is 710 000 VND.

-From Saigon:  You can catch a lot of buses from Saigon to Nha Trang. For example, Hoang Long, Phuong Trang,  Minh Dung, Lien Hung, Phuong Nam, Tra Lan Vien…

-From Da Lat: Phuong Trang bus.

It is best that you call the agencies to ask for the price and book the ticket, especially in rush months or vacations. The price could go up in these times.

Trains to Nha Trang

-From Hanoi: when going to Nha Trang, catch the SE1, SE3, SE5, SE7, TN1 trains. When returning to Hanoi, catch SE2, SE4, SE6, SE8, TN2.

-From Saigon: SN4 and SNT2 when going. SNT3 when returning.

Plane to Nha Trang

You should choose flights that end in Cam Ranh airport, from here you can take a taxi or a bus to the central Nha Trang. When buying make sure is a two-way ticket. Jetstar or Vietjest usually have grand sale, so pay attention if you want a huge discount on the ticket.

Transportation within Nha Trang

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Taxi: The most popular choice for the tourists. If you choose a taxi to travel in Nha Trang, you should try to go on popular taxi brands like Mai Linh, Vinasun, Nha Trang, Internation, Tram Huong.

Buses: Sitting on a bus around Nha Trang is an experience that you should try out. It’s cheap, reasonable, and does not get rip off.

Motorbikes, bicycles: You can rent one for 50 000 to 100 000 VND. If you rent a motorbike in Nha Trang, you have to fuel it yourself.

Cable cars: Compared to another traditional mean of transportation, cable cars are quite expensive, but it is very fast because it goes straight above the Nha Trang Bay. Moreover, if you buy the cable cars ticket, you paid for every other service in the recreational zone of Vinpearl Land. In other words, it is free to go there.

Ships: This is the main mean of transportation around Nha Trang bay. If you want to visit the island of Nha Trang, this is your to-go choice. Make sure it’s a two-way ticket, else you have to stay on the island.

Hope you enjoy you trip in Nha Trang, Vietnam!

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