Top scams in Thailand that you should watch out for


Some of the scams in Thailand that will cost you additional money if not careful.

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The Royal Palace is closed

The scammer will spread the news that the Royal Palace is closing, then suggest a different location at a cheaper price. If you nod, you will not only lose the opportunity to explore Bangkok’s most popular tourist destinations but also pay for travel by taxi, tuk-tuk or tempted to buy souvenirs.

Finding tailors

Travelers to Thailand are often disturbed by the question of whether to look for a tailor or a shirt. This country has many reputable seamstresses, but also many amateur ones. If you are planning to have a vest in Thailand, you should find out before making a decision.

Water Motorbike Service

Water bikes in Thailand @ itBikes

Driving a water motorbike is a great experience in Phuket and Pattaya. However, visitors may have to pay additional costs due to their scratching, or deformation of the device, even if these defects may have occurred beforehand. In order not to lose money, visitors must take the photo the scratches, the damages that already existed before renting.

Phishing scams when renting motorbikes

You can lose money because of the damages and the scratches that were not caused by yourself. Moreover, the renters can also try to steal the vehicles and make money of the travelers. You should ask the reputable car rental locations and do not give the passport to anyone suspicious.

Cheap bar scam

This is a common scam in some places like Pat Pong Red Light District. The scammer promises to put you in a cheap bar and watch a free show. However, you have to pay the bill “exorbitant” expensive drinks, the program is not free as the original advertising. In order not to fall trap, you should avoid the offer on or just stand on the first floor of the bar.

The meter is damaged

Many drivers do not turn on the meter or tell you that the meter is broken. This trick caused the guest to pay hundreds of bath even for a few kilometers. You should look for a taxi driver with an operating meter, or if you know the price, you can negotiate the deal right from the start.

Counterfeit Money

1000 bath in Thailand @ ScoopNZ

When traveling Thailand, you need to be wary of counterfeit money. The tourists should be aware of the characteristics of real money and counterfeit currency, exchange foreign currency at authorized counters, do not change money in small establishments on the road.

Giving fewer changes back

This trick is aimed at those unfamiliar with money in Thailand. For example, you give 1000 bath but they only return the amount that is equal to giving 500 baths. When traveling to Thailand, you have to carefully check the amount of money you had paid, and try to recount it at the counter.

Bird food

When you’re on the road, you may be in a situation where a stranger tries to put bird food or a bracelet on your hand and try to make you buy it at an exorbitant price. In order not to fall into the dilemma, do not let anyone put anything in your hand. If this should happen to you, you should be explicit, determined not to buy.

Fake travel agent

While looking for a train, you may encounter a person who introduces himself as a travel agent. The scammer will say the train and the car is full and advises you to choose another option. Do not believe in it, as travel agents do not have their own offices to sell tickets to guests.

Buying gems scam

During tuk-tuk tour, the drivers will usually take you to the gem shop. The tourists will be advertised for cheap items that can be resold at high prices when returning home. However, not all products can be resold. Therefore, do not buy anything when entering these stores and do not let the driver force you to buy the items.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Thailand!

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