Top five Hanoi markets for street food (P2)

Dong Xuan market
Bun oc in Dong Xuan market

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Dong Xuan market

Dong Xuan market are popular with foreigners not only because of its diverse food, but also because of the spread of Hanoi food on tourism blogs.

The famous dishes there are Hanoi snail noodle (VND30,000 – VND40,000 a bowl), bun cha que tre (noodle with meat fried on bamboo stick – VND30,000 each serving), fried salty rice cake (VND3,000), various delicious kinds of sweet soup (VND10,000 – VND15,000/bowl).

The market is located in Hoan Kiem District, inside the Old Street area.

Thanh Cong market
Mien cua in Thanh Cong market

Thanh Cong market

Apart from famous mussel soup, Thanh Cong market (Dong Da district) has other kinds of street food ready to be served for students from nearby schools such as Mien cua (grab noodle), mien tron (noodle mixed with meat, vegetable, peanut, etc (VND25,000 a bowl).

There are sweet soup stalls inside the market with price from VND8,000 to VND15,000 a bowl. Other dishes are boiled corns (VND8,000) and grilled sweet potatoes with cheap price but very delicious.

Nghia Tan market
Pillow-shaped cake in Nghia Tan market

Nghia Tan market

Considered a “heaven” of cheap snacks in Cau Giay District, Nghia Tan market has a lot of stalls selling various dishes from afternoon to midnight.

The most interesting street foods of Nghia Tan market are the pillow- shaped cake at the price of VND8,000 for one, steamed meat rice cake VND10,000/cake, and balut with wormwood – VND8,000 for one, etc.

From late afternoon, there are many customers going for snails, fried spring rolls, fried meat, fish noodle, etc.