Top 8 gifts to buy for your loved one in Cambodia


Some of the most iconic gifts to give your friends and families while traveling to Cambodia.

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1. Krama

This is probably the souvenir many people choose in the country temple tower. Part of the reason because krama is extremely diverse in color, partly because of this type of cloth, whether used to cover the sun or the cold season is also good. Most importantly, the price of a silk scarf is affordable, at the market, usually small businesses will sell $ 3 to $ 5 for one. But you can own one for $ 2, even if you can bargain and buy a lot (about 10 scrafs), may cost $ 1.5. Is it worth considering?

2. Dried fruits

Dried fruits @ Will Fly For Food

With the tropical climate, the fruits in Cambodia are extremely diverse. In addition to fresh fruit, the land of Thap Pagoda also dried fruits, bags to make a variety of choice gifts for Cambodian tourists. In the markets, you can find many kinds of dried fruit bagged about 200 to 300 grams, vacuum, very delicious. Typically, the price of these bags is less than $ 1 / pack.

3. Palm sugar

The jar is a very important site and is very popular in Cambodia. Utilizing local ingredients, people use jelly to make dishes as well as sugar. In that jar not only used in the life of the Cambodian but also a gift worth referring to buy as gifts.

Scramble is usually clamped or wrapped in dry thyme, or canned in a paper. This price is only $ 1 – $ 2 for 3 small bags. Overall very convenient to buy brought back.

4. Silvers

In the big markets of Cambodia, there are many silver counters which are handcrafted quite sophisticated, with many items, designs such as bracelets, bowls, cups, jewelry trays, Buddha statues. In general, these items are very eye-catching, however, these counters are selling at the same time silver and silverware, so in addition to asking the seller, tourists will be difficult to distinguish. Prices are different, but of course, they can be bargained. You can bargain down from 30 to 50% off the first price.

5. Chinese sausages

Chinese sausages @ Food Republic

Travel to Cambodia, to the markets, especially in Siem Reap, you will see countless stalls selling sausages. This is also a favorite dish of this country. Cambodian sausages are made from free-grazing cows, which are low in fat and have a sweet and fleshy flavor. Beef sausage made with small, firm meat, many types of meat, sour taste characteristics cannot be mixed with any other products. If you buy, shop owners will weigh and package vacuum, very polite.

6. Dried fish

One of the most recommended tourist destinations in Cambodia is fish. Because the fishing industry is very developed, the amount of shrimp and fish here are many and always fresh. But to buy presents, visitors cannot buy fresh fish. Then, dried fish is a perfect choice. In the dry shop, dried fish is sold a lot, and the types are often chosen by tourists as dry fish, dried fish chok.

7. T-shirts

A travel t-shirt with a symbol of travel is always affordable that many people choose to buy as gifts for relatives. Cambodia is no exception. For only $ 2 to $ 3 for an Angkor print T-shirt or fun slogans like “No tuk tuk today and tomorrow”, this is a very worthwhile reference!

8. Tea powder, seasoning powder

In the dry stalls, sweets, you will also find a lot of tea powder bags, from green tea to lotus powder, rose powder to spice bags like ginger, pepper, prices are under $ 1 for 1 or 2 small bags. These bags are beautifully packaged, compact and lightweight, very comfortable to buy carry, without fear of overweight.

Hope you enjoy your time in Cambodia!

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