Tips to avoid getting scammed by drivers in Bangkok, Thailand


Some of the things that you should watch out in Thailand. Thailand is famous because of many scams that take place in the street of Bangkok. Coming to this place, you should be extra careful, but do not forget to have fun too! Here are some of the tips to avoid getting scammed in Bangkok, Thailand, when it comes to transportations.

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1. The tuk-tuk drivers proved to be abnormally kind

Traveling to Bangkok, if a tuk-tuk driver in the center, especially in Pratunam market offers attractive offers such as going to Chatuchak market for a very cheap price, about 40 baht / car / leg (about 28,000 you should be careful because usually they will be accompanied by a request to visit the shop advertised mouth is a beautiful product, fashion … You will surely be carried to a shop selling clothes or clothing Thai tradition – which most of us do not have the need, very expensive. After a walk around, refusing an invitation from the shop staff and not getting anything in the car, you will immediately return to the old position as a “face”. Although the drivers will not take your car, it is extremely time consuming and annoying.

2. Buy gems in Bangkok

Fake gems in Bangkok @ Youtube

There are a lot of warnings about buying fake gems in Bangkok, but not many are trapped because of the secret words of the salesman, the driver you hire or even the tour guide. Although they always introduce these products are exported, protected by the state … but in fact, do not have any papers or ways to prove it. If you really want to buy jewelry, you can check the list of reliable shops on the official website of the Thai Jewelry Association to make sure to eat, avoid the case of losing money unfairly.

3. The driver suggested the place “worth a visit than the Grand Palace.”

Grand Palace is one of Bangkok’s most popular tourist destinations. But if you happen to encounter a tuk-tuk driver too enthusiastic, help you on another schedule looks interesting at a cheaper price with the reason Grand Palace is coming to close or closed that day. You should think carefully before you decide. If you accept the tour of the driver, the less money you pay, the more fun you feel, but when you look back, you really missed an interesting destination, a history of worth knowing in Thailand.

Note: The Grand Palace is open from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm and very rarely closes.

4. Boat trip to Damnoen Saduak floating market

Damnoen Saduak floating market @ Activity Fan

This is the oldest and most famous floating market in Thailand, which is quite far from central Bangkok. So you have to hire a car or a taxi. Most drivers will stop at the motorboat wharf, a few hundred meters from the market to rent boats. However, the rent is quite expensive, usually, the staff will scream about 1000 baht per person (about 700,000 per person) for reasons of peak time, traffic jam (if you go in the morning). Although tourists try to bargain, they can only reduce to 400 baht / person (about 280000 VND / person) while in fact only about 600 baht / boat / 6 people (about 420,000 / boat / 6 people). If you can not pay close to the price or book a tour from Bangkok, it is best to ask the driver to go straight to the market and rent paddle boats along the river.

Hopefully, you will have a wonderful trip to Thailand!

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