Suggestion for 3 day trip in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Suggestion for a 3 day trip to Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Day 1

Panoramic view of Monas City

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It is great to have a panoramic view of the city. So, take a morning to Lapangan Merdeka. Monas Memorial Center is located in the heart of the area, completed in 1975 to commemorate the struggle for independence of the Indonesian people.

It simulates the shape of a pestle and a huge mortar, which is attached to the daily labor of Indonesian farmers. Go up to the observatory at an altitude of 132 m, you will stand by the yellow flame symbolizes the immortal spirit, enjoy the fresh breeze and panoramic view of the city.

Visit the National Museum

Built in 1862, it houses 65,000 antique items from all over Indonesia – one of the most valuable collections in Southeast Asia. There are beautiful Hindu and Hindu sculptures, ikat fabrics from the East Island, Chinese and Asian ceramics, and Dutch colonial artifacts. If you want to learn about Indonesian culture then this is a wise choice.

Explore Kota Tua – the heart of ancient Jakarta

Taman Fatahillah, located in the center of Kota, is a great place to start your journey to discover the ancient city of Kota Tua. The boulders are surrounded by Dutch-style buildings dating back to the 18th century. There are many museums, such as the Wayang Museum, the Jakarta History Museum. If you see a woman standing in the middle of a Portuguese cannon, do not be surprised, as they believe this will make it easier for them to become pregnant.

Besides, you can rent bicycles to walk around the area for about 55,000 VND and do not forget to visit the Batavia café. It is located in the Art Deco-style second-building of the city with a menu of Indonesian-style sandwiches and burgers.

Take a bus tour (free food)

If you are a food lover, do not miss the chance to join the free bus service every Saturday night. City walks around with culinary and cultural stops in the center. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with many visitors and locals who can tell you the best places to eat.

Get yourself into the Skye Bar

You go alone does not mean alone. Treat yourself to a glass of high-sky cocktail at the Skye Bar, located on the 56th floor of Menara BCA. Every Friday night there is a vibrant night scene with a combination of DJs and dancers. In addition, the Skye Bar is open at 6 am on some Sunday mornings for pilates or yoga sessions and you will be able to enjoy a delicious breakfast in the unforgettable sunrise.

Day 2

Try Nasi Padang! via

Admire a different face of Jakarta on Sunday with no car

If you do not get too drunk the night before, get up early and take part in a Sunday car-free activity in Jakarta. The bustling city center will immerse you in the festive atmosphere with indigenous people on the bike across the street, food stalls, music, and skateboards.

Find antique furniture at Jalan Surabaya Antique and Flea Market

The 500 m long Jalan Surabaya can take you a few hours to finish off. If you are an antique collector, this is the world for you. On this road, there are many shops selling Chinese antique ceramics, ancient Dutch jingles or ancient Javanese carvings. The price here is not fixed for foreigners so remember to bid and accompanied by a friendly smile before buying.

Enjoy Nasi Padang specialties

Maybe you have eaten Nasi Padang in Malaysia but in Indonesia, it has a completely different taste. This is a Minangkabau dish in western Sumatra. According to the migration flow, this dish has been carried around all over the country.

There are two ways to order: the first is pesan, ie you will stand in line in front of the glass and point to the item you choose then the staff will leave it on your rice; The second way is a series of dishes presented in front of you and you will charge for the item you choose. Finally, do not forget to take a sweet black tea after finishing the meal.

Watch traditional cultural performances and traditional house visits

Taman Mini is a large park in the southern suburbs of the city. There is a collection of traditional houses in different parts of Indonesia. Each home contains fine art items, information on traditional regional cultures and costumes from indigenous peoples. On Sundays, you can also enjoy traditional music performances at the homes. Not to stop there, there are IMAX cinema, water park, eco park to serve visitors for many hours.

Evening experience in Jakarta’s miniature Kemang-Bali

Kemang is a cultural crossroads of the expat community located in the south of the city. You can relax here by taking a stroll around the souvenir shops, exploring cafes and pubs. Some prominent names in the area such as Dia.lo.gue Artspace, Aksara Store, Cayenne or Kommunal 88 …

Day 3

Search for happiness in Pulau Seribu

Pulau Seribu via

You can find part of paradise in Pulau Seribu National Park – in Indonesian means thousand islands. An interesting destination is Pulau Tidung, an island located 1kms from Ancol Marina by speedboat. The coral reefs here are in good condition, the atmosphere is extremely clean. You can go to the homestay if you want to experience a night on the island.

Another option for those who want to stay longer is to order a full-service package in Pulau Mactan including beautiful resort, modern kitchen serving delicious food and scuba diving program.

Taste Martabak Manis at Mr. Martabak

Martabak is a sponge dish sold on trolleys everywhere. It is considered Indonesian late night food. Martabak is made into two separate parts, then added to the mixture of cheese, butter, peanuts, chocolate sauce, and finally sprinkled with condensed milk. This dish was purchased by many visitors as a gift to his family.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Indonesia!

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