Suggested schedule in Luang Prabang, Laos in the crowded season (Part 2)


More about the suggested schedule in Luang Prabang, Laos.

>> Suggested schedule in Luang Prabang, Laos in the crowded season (Part 1)

Day 2: Continued

Mount Phousi @ Indochina Tours


Bike ride to the village of Ban Xang Khong, 1km north of the city and see native people harvest mulberry bark to form saa paper and paper products. Back to the city you can visit the Taec Museum, where the costumes and artifacts of Laos (25,000 Kip admission). For only 100,000 Kip, the visitors can try to learn Hmong or Khmu. From here, head south to Phousi Peak and Wat Visoun (20,000 Kip entrance) where many golden Buddha statues and a lot of artwork are attached all over the roofs, pillars, columns … You will see a vase The red-bellied swan is used in the coronation of King Lao.

Spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing for a drink along the path behind the Nam Khan line or visiting Utopia facing the water.

At Garavek, you can listen to folktales in English in a small theater from 6:30 pm (40,000 Kip) in the clear, a bamboo musical instrument popular among Lao peoples. If you are able to book a tour of Saeng Touly, you are invited to visit the last remaining Hmong Market in Luang Prabang. Saeng will also take you to enjoy the khia piak (also known as pho Lao) on the road is native people called noodle/pho.

Laos is famous for the grilled dishes that travelers spoiled their way, often called sindat. Try the “BBQ Buffet Mekong” sign and enjoy the delicious dishes from 60,000 Kip/person from 6 pm – 10 pm. You can also cross the Nam Khan Line and Secret Pizza with mixed Western and Laotian dishes that will not disappoint you by the Italian-Lao couple. Red Bul Bar after dinner is not a bad choice to have fun.

Day 3: Wander the suburbs

Kuangsi Butterfly Park @ Luang Prabang Riverside Hotel


30km from Luang Prabang (50,000 kips away tuk tuk) is the famous Kuang Si picturesque waterfall. You should go early in your day, while avoiding crowded tourists and visiting Free The Bears, where 20 black bear bears from the moon are rescued from peaceful wildlife trade.

The Kuang Si Bufferfly, opened two years ago, was opened by a Dutch couple who enjoyed a lazy lunch and some Japanese dishes.


There are several options for you in the afternoon, such as sailing behind the Royal Palace to the left bank of the Mekong River (5,000 Kip) or finding the way to the top of the hill, located at the Wat Xiengman temple built in the 16th century or Wat Chomphet Wat Long Khoun is famous for its mural paintings of Lao kings who are learning meditation before the throne.

Situated in the shady green district of Chomphet, it is a royal burial ground (including the tomb of the last Lao king). From there you can sail 25km upstream (about 200,000 Kip) to the Pak Ou Cave containing thousands of Buddha statues are placed everywhere. During the new year (pi mai) of Laos, this area is crowded pilgrims.

If you like food, you can also choose the afternoon for the Tamarind Cooking Class for 210,000 Kip to experience and learn how to cook delicious Lao food.

Opened in November, 2 km downstream, Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden, the first botanical garden in Laos, displays indigenous plants and flowers as well as cafes, restaurants, shops, and restaurants. handicraft items. (280,000 Kip boat and entrance fee).

At the end of the day, take a moment to watch the sunset over the Mekong and drink a bottle of cool Beerlao and then buy some souvenirs at the night market (from 5-10pm) near the post office area stretching to the royal palace. on Sisavang Vong Boulevard.

Hope you enjoy your time in Laos!

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