Comprehensive guide to traveling in Penang this 2018


A total guide to traveling in Penang, Malaysia. Aside from many other destinations like Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, the visitors should come here and experience some of the best things about Malaysia, right now in 2018.

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Hotel reservation

Penang is a tourist city so hotel services and guest houses are also very diverse. For an easy trip to the Old Quarter and the famous dining areas, the guests should book a room in George Town.

Travelers who want to save money should visit the Love Lane Road in Georgetown to rent a dorm – hostel for budget travelers.

In addition, visitors who want to choose high-end luxury hotels can head to Penang’s northern coast, Batu Feringghi, where many international resorts are located.

Food in Penang

Laska in Penang 

Penang is known as “the chef of the world”, a blend of Indian, Islamic and Chinese cuisine. If you are just walking down the street, you’ll find a gastronomic paradise with plenty of outdoor dining, street food or along the beach.

Some dining options should include Gurney Drive in George, China Town at the Kimberley – Cintra Crossroads, Lebuh Chulia Street, Indian Food Street in Little India.

The famous dishes here include laska, cendo, char kway teow, curry mee, spicy noodle kokkien mee …

Points of interest cannot be ignored

Penang Hills @ Youtube

World Heritage Site George Town is the capital of Penang with hundreds of years of experience, chosen by Lonely Planet as one of the 10 most attractive cities in the world by 2016. Visitors can now admire the multi- From Indian, Chinese, Western and Western cultures.

Street Art Wall is located in George Street, famous for its varied frescoes. For those who are passionate about photography, this is a place to be missed. To have pictures with beautiful light, the most appropriate time is 16h-17h.

Penang Hill is the ideal place to enjoy panoramic views of Penang. The cafe, botanical garden with cool air, pleasant will help visitors feel relaxed. Penang Hill is open from 6:30 to 23:00, visitors will take about 2.5-3 hours to visit the area. In order to go to Penang Hill, visitors use mountain passes, just walk to the hills and the city. Ticket prices range from 30 to 60 ringgit (about 150,000-300,000 depending on the type of ship fast or slow).

Kek Lok Si Temple is also a place to visit in Penang, with the other name is “Thousand Buddha Temple” thanks to 1000 statues. Alternatively, guests can climb the famous 7-storey tower to watch the sea and the entire island of Penang. Here, visitors can also admire the statue Quan Am higher than 30 m.

Butterfly Farm is a destination for visitors who want to learn more about insects and butterflies. The farm is 0.8 hectares with more than 120 butterflies. Visitors only need light-colored clothes to attract butterflies. The farm is 17 km from George Town.

Upside Down Museum is a unique experience for visitors when they are in completely reverse space, from room space or cafes.

North coast of Penang is quite pristine, suitable for sunbathing and watching the white sand stretching in the sun. In addition to the famous Batu Ferringhi beaches, guests can also take part in games such as windsurfing, paragliding.

Transportation in Penang

Upon landing and completing the customs clearance, visitors go down the first floor and exit to the taxi stop. There are two types of vehicles for visitors to choose from: take a taxi or take a bus to the central area. The distance from the airport to George Town is 20 km, takes about 30 minutes travel.

Traveling in the city, visitors should note: buses are the most affordable means for those who want to save money. Only with the bus, visitors can reach many tourist destinations here: route 401 from the airport to George Town and the end point is Jetti beach; bus route 101 to Batu Ferringhi beach; Route 204 to Penang Hill and line 203 to Kek Lok Si.

At Geoge Town, tricycles are the means to experience, matching narrow lanes here. However, visitors should pay the price before using this service. In addition, cycling around the streets on the promenade is an enjoyable experience. Bicycles can be rented at Leaf Bike Rental, Metro Bike … for about 8 ringgit.

Things need to be noticed

Beach in Penang @ Pinterest

The guests should not be nude at the beach because Muslim is the religion of Malaysia. In January, February is the dry season, so be sure to bring sunblocks when traveling here. Meanwhile, August is the rainy season, so bring umbrellas and coats. If you want to go to Langkawi, you only need to book a speedboat and travel 2 hours. If using a taxi, you should first know and pay the price.

Penang is a popular destination for festivals such as World Music Festival (March), Jazz Festival (December), Flower Festival (May), George Town Festival (June).

Hopefully, you will have the most amazing trip to Penang, Malaysia!

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