Bali Colors : Guide to 5 days trip in Bali, Indonesia (Part 1)

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How to prepare for your trip to Bali, Indonesia.

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Airfare: You can order from Malindo Air or Air Asia, transit in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). If you are willing to hunt for cheap tickets from early, it is possible to buy a round-trip ticket from HN – Bali for $ 4 million, close to the day so 7.6 million / 4 flights. Take Malindo Air better service, comfortable seats, have entertainment screen, have free meals, checked baggage 30kg. If you go to Air Asia, the smaller seats, the services to buy more.

When we finished booking, we have not got a concept of Bali except Bali in Indonesia. In order to get a detailed schedule as well as book a hotel room, we had to print the maps of Bali and the nearby islands to paper, then the whole group split up looking for beautiful places in Bali through various information channels like, Instagram, Google, and then locate those points on the map. At this point, once the picture is complete, everyone is offline to work out the most appropriate schedule with groups of places in succession, avoid going round.

After that, our team continued to go online booking site to find the hotel in the area to match the schedule set out above with clean criteria, nice but moderate price Bali is not the main resort). In Bali, the general hotel, the resort is quite cheap compared to Vietnam. Price 1 night 3-star hotel from 500-700k, beautiful 4-star hotel ranged from 800k-1.5tr, resort from 1tr-20tr and popular at 2-3tr was 5 stars pretty.

Money exchange: Indo’s Rupiah (Rp) exchange rate on google is 1Rp / VND = 1.71, but at the exchange rate on Ha Trung street, the selling price of Rupiah is very high at 2.05. So we changed the USD ($ 300 (~ 6.750.000VND) is comfortable with the hotel + airline tickets have already booked online). Arrive Bali, exchange rate at airport USD / Rp = 12,900. You should be in the currency exchange will be higher rates, in Ubud USD / Rp = 13,200, Kuta area, Nusa Dua is 13,250.

Before departure, you can check in online by 02-07 days (depending on the airline), international airports (except Noi Bai) accept the printout / electronic version of the boarding pass without Over the counter to reprint tickets.

* Transportation to Bali:

Bali’s beach @ Club Med

Bali airport taxi is quite tight, my team is about to drive to Ubud (about 30km) but the challenge is 600,000Rp (~ 1 million VND) 4 seats, I said my friend had just gone trip 300,000 rp driver, the driver gradually reduced to 500, 400 and then the last price of Rs 350,000. I definitely do not go and plan to walk out of the airport to catch Uber / Grab to be 10m away was another driver ran to invite for 300,000Rp for seven cars so my team always go. Uber / Grab is not allowed to enter the lobby to welcome guests, so if you have difficulty walking (about 800m) to get the car park of Uber, Grab, the price of Ubud is very reasonable from 150,000 to 180,000Rp.

Renting motorbikes is the cheapest way to travel in Bali, you can rent right at your hotel or in the surrounding shops. Rent from 40,000 to 70,000Rp / day (depending on the bargaining potential of you because in Bali what is also challenged). Gasoline prices here are also quite cheap, about Rs. 8.250 per liter for the best and only about Rs. 6,500 per liter for ordinary. Because the road in Bali is quite small, so it is the fastest and most convenient way to get to the motorbike. It takes you only 5 minutes to get to know the traffic on the left side (very suitable for sisters or vice versa). Overseas travel sites or indigenous peoples often advise travelers not to run their own motorcycles for fear of danger, but with their experience in complex transportation as in Vietnam and especially the ability to travel Spending time in peak traffic, running a car in Bali is as simple as having a meal every day.

Renting a man with a car from 600,000 to 700,000 rp / day (in fact only 8-10 hours), this form is just sitting on the car without thinking but because the Bali road is quite small, You should consider this because you may not be able to get as many points as moving by motorbike (suitable for families with children or groups of 5-6 people).

Traveling to the islands: Most hotels offer a ticket to the islands of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida (650,000Rp / person/roundtrip) including transfers to any hotel in Ubud, Kuta. , Nusa Dua to/from Sanur beach (the departure point of the high-speed train is located in east Bali). On the island of Gili is far more than 1,250,000Rp / person / round trip. If you do not intend to spend the night at the island, then you can buy a day tour with an additional price of 150,000-200,000Rp / person including lunch, snorkeling if the tour is diving.

*Buying sim in Bali

 You should not buy a sim in the airport because here sells very expensive, sim 4G free 12GB data costs Rp 400,000. Should wait for the hotel, buy a sim in the surrounding area is priced from 50,000-100,000Rp for sim 4G free 5GB data (should refer to the price of many shops before buying because the guillotine has become a specialty of Bali). In Bali, the Telkomsel network seems to be the fastest 4G network.

To be continued…

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