What to expect in Bangkok in New Year Eve 2018


Some of the most important things about Thailand should you decide to come here during the New Year Eve.

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Lots of sale in trade centers

Going around the shopping centers of Thailand last year, make sure you can not dazzle yourself with thousands of impressive “sale” tabs, where you can shop for everything from cheap to luxury ones with bargained prices.

Siam is the busiest shopping district in Bangkok. From mid-November 1974 to mid-January, 1818, Siam The Great Celebration hosted sales up to 70% with many programs to buy 1 get 1, purchase a gift voucher, gift card …

The brands are “Siam Paragon”, with a variety of items such as sale price impressive, such as Channel, Versage … If you want to hunt for cheap items, go to Siam Center or Siam Discovery, Many of the sale programs are slated to be 50%, 70% ready to hook travelers.

Do not miss the MBK (MahBoonKrong), Terminal 21 or Gaysorn … Besides the quality goods at attractive prices, these places are also the ideal “virtual place” for the splendor of Christmas decorations. New Year.

The Pantip Plaza informatics center is dedicated to the technology. At this point, you can buy anything related to computer science, from the latest software to the laptops of the popular and popular. Season sale last year here also took place extremely bustling.

Especially Central World, the complex with all kinds of clothing accessories, hi-tech gadgets, bookshops and design furniture, restaurants, ice skating rink … On 31/12, you are also “promotion” to add fireworks display on Eve.

Shopping tirelessly at markets

Bangkok Markets @ Pinterest

Thailand’s shopping paradise is also famous for its affordable wholesale markets, captivating shopping enthusiasts with a variety of quality items and price reductions. If you know the bargain, you will own the poison, beautiful, genuine cheap price.

Platinum Center is a wholesaler of clothing and accessories with 4 floors, 1300 stores, with extremely diverse merchandise labyrinths. You can also shop for everything from dressing up to footwear with an average cost of 70-100 baht, 40-55 bath t-shirts (less than 30,000 dongs).

Pratunam Wholesale Market opposite Platinum is a haven for clothing wholesalers, shoes, and fashion accessories. Shops usually sell three or more items, and you can pay a good price. However, this place has no rule of thumb, no refund, no refund.

Thailand’s biggest weekend market, Chatuchak, welcomes around 200,000 to 300,000 visitors a day. This is the paradise of hunters hunt for cheap goods, from fashion to furniture, interior decoration. This market is very wide, often have to spend the whole day has not explored all the corners of the market.

Apart from clothing, footwear, accessories, such as candles, handmade soaps, decorative lights, etc., many are also bought and bought in large quantity. price too cheap.

Do not skip the night market specialty

Bangkok has a number of night markets that attract shoppers. The Rot Fai Night Market in Srinakarin is located in the east of the capital, selling mostly clothing, fashion, and souvenirs, where you can find rare vintage items. This is the place “living virtual” quality thanks to hundreds of covered canvas full of colors.

Pattong night market is also an interesting experience. This bazaar is located in Bangkok’s lively and vibrant red light district. Come here not only for shopping, you will experience a very special Thailand with fun places, bars flashing lights and music tumbled.

The bazaar night bazaar, Chiang Mai is open from 18.00 to 24.00 every day with the busy atmosphere of the sellers, bustling but very orderly and absolutely not torn. Coming to Thailand’s second largest city, you should not miss this market!

The Cicada Weekend Market in the coastal city of Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan (about 200 km south-west of Bangkok) favors arts, arts, and crafts. This place regularly exchanges activities between artisans, designers and people and tourists.

Unique culinary markets

A street food stall in Bangkok @ Kenh14

Walking around the market without enjoying Thai street food is very flawed. With delicious taste and a variety of food and drink attractive in the market, ensuring the shopping enthusiasts will not forget the whole road.

Delicious food in the Thai dining area always stimulates our salivary glands to operate at full capacity.

Make a visit to Or Tor Kor, which specializes in selling vegetables, fresh produce, salted fish, sweets and delicious street food like fried pork, egg white croissants with pineapple, Thai papaya salad …

Do not forget to visit the floating markets of Thailand. Taling Chan is a floating market located in western Bangkok, meeting from 9-16pm, with a wide variety of traditional dishes, desserts, and fruits being sold on the boat quite interesting.

Hope you enjoy your time in Thailand!

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