Visiting the beautiful lily lake in Udon Thani, Thailand


A useful travel diary for those who want to visit Udon Thani in Thailand.

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The beautiful lily lake

The town Udon Thani @ Youtube

Since the rushed visit to Udon a few years ago from Laos, the impression of a cheap and peaceful Udon Thani made me quietly find a cheap ticket and then visit the peaceful city again. To other people, Udon might be nothing, it is not on the list of 10 points or 20 places have to go to … but to me, Udon is very cute, very peaceful without a hitch and sure I will come back here again.

Udon Thani is relatively easy to travel, either by car from Vientiane (Laos) or from Bangkok by train, bus or plane. The night bus service in Thailand is very good and the eating service is just like when flying. The flight was one hour. AirAsia, Nok Air, Bangkok Airways, Lion Thai … are available daily from Bangkok to Udon. It is best to go to Vientiane, Vang Vieng, and Udon.


Talay Bua Daeng, about 60 km from Udon Thani, is not difficult to get to, but there are no buses right at this point. somehow to enter. The only easy way for tourists is to rent a taxi from Udon Thani, which is very beneficial for groups of 3-4 people. Or if you have the health and want to try driving a motorcycle on the road, then navigate Google maps to get here. The roads in Thailand are generally good and the traffic is very strict so it is not difficult to ride here.

Lily Lake is immense but everything is very orderly. You can leave the motorbike there and no one will take, the ticket counter for visitors to rent a boat to watch the flowers close to the lake. The rent is 300 to 500 baht depending on the type. Guests can choose from uncovered or covered canoes as well as short or long-range options.

The picture was so beautiful, but it was even nicer. The lens of the camera could not capture the vastness of the lilies. The image you see will not contain the feeling of sitting on the canal in the cool lake, fresh morning air and around it flooded in the red color of the magnificent lilac blossom bursting to welcome the sunshine tomorrow. The goldfish is jumping up and down the lake. Lilies only bloom the next morning when the sun rose to close itself so it is important to remember to arrange a time to get up early to see the flower petals in the early morning light … Surely you will be amazed and surprised.


Not crowded, no messy shops, although every day there are many tourists, most of them are Thai people come here but they are all neat, clean and you cannot hear a loud noise. The small shops near the lake are very orderly and no one to ask you to buy anything … Everything happens as normal life in the way of friendly and lovely Thai people.

Sitting on the lagoon watching the lake, I have a feeling like going all day on Inle Lake in Myanmar. Although this lake is smaller, less beautiful, the feeling of cool, peaceful and gentle is not inferior. The canoe driver and I have language differences but with gestures, with the eye gestures, we still know each other, then he stops where I like, ignoring places where there are many canoes stopping. All of that made the morning looking at the lilies more beautiful and the image of the smiling people makes me love this country even more.


In Udon, the food is good and cheap, and the night market is fun

Night market of Udon Thani @ Youtube

Udon Thani is not on the list of destinations that visitors vote on these magazine websites. However, each person will have different feelings when coming to different lands … And to me, this countryside country is very affectionate to me and this place has the most delicious food but the cheap price here.


I have to say Thai people eat a lot at restaurants. The evidence is that the diners are everywhere. Especially the night market, the food stalls are half of the market already. Thai people are lazy cooking at home and go to eat or shop to the market to buy and eat foo. In Udon Thani, the night market is full of food. Som tam (papaya salad) heard that this area is the best and so. Eating any well is also cheap and because I love the house noodle soup Dan should som som tam to eat with wedge noodles and fresh buns hit me. I eat a lot of this dish but this time eating in Udon is really delicious. Som tam wed almost every day I eat one or fewer times. Salty sweet spicy salty enough in som som tam to say it is hard to forget. In addition, fried rice, grilled fish, Thai pad, tomyam, hot pot all that the Thai called “bird bunch” is delicious and cheap.

Udon does not have any attractions, so I concentrate all day: coffee, junk food, and foot massage. In Udon, there is a long massage parlor lying beside the road adjacent to Lake Udon with dozens of massage parlors. Udon people like to have a massage. I noticed they go to the gym, cycling is finished massage … and all day, but closed shop but the customer still came in. There are not many tourists but mostly indigenous people so it seems they know each other and are patrons of the massage parlor very happy.

Small but cute night market UD Town is open every night with many shops from clothing to shoes to cafes, but quite bustling but quietly quiet. Overlooking the crowded market, so many eye-catching foods just eye-catching food prices are right guaranteed to go eat even fear fat. Ignore, just eat, local cuisine is also tourism products that, do not watch the food is delicious. Eat ready to go around Lake Udon comfortable cool. Bored of walking, renting bicycles cycling, bicycles in Udon pretty much rent and roads are so easy to travel.

Udon has a Central Shopping Mall that sells the same goods as Central in Bangkok, there are also Uniqlo stores and countless other brands in small mall scale. Western Udon is also small, with several bars and brasseries in Udon. In Udon there are many beautiful cafes and coffee tasting very good to ensure delicious coffee without coffee home country always.

When traveling, I do not come to popular places to be equal to others, I do not force myself to follow, I do not count how many countries I have been. I simply go to satisfy them. If I have money, I will go far, if not then a near destination is fine. In my opinion, there is always something to experience and enjoy in every place…

Hope you enjoy your stay in Thailand!

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