Ubud – Peaceful destinations near Bali, Indonesia


After or not wanting to visit Bali, you can try out Ubud in Indonesia for a different experience.

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Eat, pray and love in the beautiful Ubud during Bali trip

Luxury experiences in Ubud @ Hanging Gardens Bali

Ubud is a small town located about a one-hour drive from Kuta, Bali. This small town has green trees, terraced rice fields, and moss-covered walls. Due to its high altitude, Ubud is always warm at night and cold early in the morning. Occasionally, t it is gonna rain in the evening whether it is rain season or not.

I call Ubud an old town because it is not a place for people who like the crowded place.  Ubud is like it is created for the elderly or young people who are going to be old or young people who are old inside, nature and quiet lover. The atmosphere is quiet, but the more you live with it, the more it pampered you, the more it fascinates you. Ubud is not rushing to other places in Bali.  It slowly moves deep into the soul of the traveler … It is the soul of the walls, moss-covered roofs or the curvy little streets curled upside down beside the rolling hills that are full of cool green leaves or the traces of the book, the film “Eat, Pray, Love”.

I like the early morning sunshine in Ubud. The weather is a bit cold, the birds chirping to welcome new day; the green fields undulating reflect the clouds and the ancient temple roofs of the mysterious island of Bali, mysterious remote coconut trees are tilted in the sun as the sun drops down. All make the morning in Ubud more beautiful and seductive. Follow the path covered with green moss, stop by the side of the rice fields you can smell the fragrant and fresh smell of the rice and see the small road up and down … Ubud is as beautiful as a picture to us travelers.

Wandering Ubud in the afternoon is also interesting in a way that is hard to describe. Ubud in the afternoon sometimes is rainy and fluttering cold, but enough to wet the travelers so it is recommended that you wear a thin jacket to wander the small streets to see the Ubud street that is filled with the ancient towers. When tired, you can visit the beautiful cafe on the road to sips a cup of hot and aroma tea or coffee in the style of  Bali.

Ubud is quiet and peaceful. Local people are friendly, fun. They always meet the visitors with a bright smile, and always so enthusiastic when asked something. Maybe that is why there are visitors who come to Ubud every season, they stay for months and also be back many times later.

They come only to enjoy the breathing, the Bali lifestyle. The town of Ubud is the heart of that unique”Balinese style” that hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Ubud is very peaceful, Ubud is very friendly, Ubud of terraced fields and sacred Hindu temples beside small zigzag rivers that go through deep canyons of green forests and surrounded by mountains far away from the horizon … Ubud of culture, Ubud of the festivals … of the handicraft villages are engraved with sophisticated, the unique Balinese … Ubud of lovely little houses located on the hill, of the beautiful resorts that blend in the nature of heaven and earth. Many people who come here have been charmed and want to go back…. Some even spend their whole old age to come and live here to be closer to the peaceful Ubud.


Some experiences when going to Ubub, Bali

Terraced fields at Ubud @ Ubud Hotels and Resorts – Ubud Villas

Travel to Bali for cheap airfares, buy AirAsia flights through Kuala Lumpur or you can buy cheap tickets through Singapore’s Jetstar, Lion, Tiger Airways and then from Singapore to buy AirAsia or Tiger Airways through Denpasar, Bali.

– Bali Airport charges airport charges when leaving Bali so be sure to prepare 200,000 rupiah Indo to buy back fees.

– Denpasar Airport, Bali is very close to Kuta, if the first night to Bali, you should book cheap hotels in Kuta.

Take a taxi from the airport to Kuta about 100,000 rupiah Indo (updated at the end of 2016). From Kuta to Ubud it takes 1 hour and you have to take a taxi or take a bus from Kuta or hire a car with driver.

– In Ubud, there are many homestay, resort, cottage … depending on the needs and budget.

– Roads in Ubud lap, ramp up and down and in Bali car on the left hand so you rent a car is not easy to go. Also here renting motorbikes in many places also requires an international driver’s license. If a group of four or more people hires a car with a driver.

– In Ubud, there is the much natural beauty of forests, mountains, terraces …

– Indo dishes are slightly smelly so those who are hard to eat should prepare their own food.

– Cafe Indo also does not taste their should people who love cafe should bring Vietnamese coffee to drink, otherwise can drink temporary coffee Starbucks, Coffee Beans …

– Ubud is the mountain, want to watch the sea to go to other areas so do not think Bali is where the sea is offline. The weather is cool here at night and early in the morning so be sure to wear a thin jacket to wear if you go out at the time.

– Ubud downtown has many cafes, beautiful restaurants so no worries about lacking places to go at night …

– Those who have seen Eat, Pray, Love, please remember the places where they have filmed.

– Those who enjoy yoga, meditation … can attend yoga classes, meditation is here. Those who love drafting should spend a few hours trying to go to spa/massage is everywhere …


Hope you enjoy your time at Indonesia!

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