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Beautiful days in Luang Prabang

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I heard that a few days before I arrived, Luang Prabang was rainy and it was so badly misted, but the day I came here, the sun was so beautiful like they want to thank me for coming back here. It is sunny but not hot, at morning there are fogs so the forest looks really mythical and in the noon, it is starting to get sunnier. No rain, no cloud. I have to say Luang Prabang on these days is perfect.

I was greedy and sentimental at the same time to love the two beautiful ladies of Laos at the same time: Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang. Since my first encounter with “them” a few years ago I secretly fell in love with them, I later asked the national airline help me visit Vang Vieng again and this time to be fair, I returned to visit Luang Prabang.

I was not in a hurry to go here to Luang Prabang this time. I just take a stroll and then go to the nursery, wandering the alleys, visit the morning market, handicrafts market at night. I enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of Luang Prabang which is hard to find anywhere else.

The morning market in two alleys crossed like a T-shaped.  In Luang Prabang, to me, this is one of the cutest markets in my life. Spreading on both sides of the two small alleys, the morning market starts at 6 am and closed at about 9 am. Absolutely quiet, gentle, the seller and the buyer just say enough to hear each other without a scream and it was so orderly. I was at the hotel near the market but I did not know I was next to the market. All the products are home-grown or presented in Vietnam market style, but the layout is much nicer. Some bundles of vegetables, some red chili peppers, a few shrimps, some small fish or forest mushrooms, some bunches of strawberries, a bunch of pickled tomatoes or honeycombs with honey and pupae … or some melons, the banana and green leafy bouquets together showing their color under the hand of the Lao people make me go crazy in love.The days in Luang Prabang I wake up early in the morning,  wandering down the two alleys to look at the place again. I feel as familiar as my hometown in the old days. The memory of the old day when my home had ginseng planted In front the door. When we cannot eat everything, I am gonna bring them to the market to sell some of them for the money to build some books…

Lao people are friendly, gentle and honest. Several times I came to this country but I never met anything to blame or complain about them. Something that is slow, relaxed, and gentle, so many times I’m annoyed and jealous of them because they have such a peaceful life with warm feelings and not cheating each other. What I remember the most is the welcoming manner with the gentle smile of the landlord in Xangkhong paper village or the friendly nature of the guy driving the tuk-tuk to me to the waterfalls … They are the factors that made the beautiful Luang Prabang even more beautiful.

All the way along the riverside, I stopped to enjoy delicious Lao coffee at the coffee shop and stopped at the barbecue grill to enjoy the aromatic barbecue meat, grilled fish in Laos style with the delicious dipping sauce and Laos beer. Lao people love their products because it is difficult to find anything other than the beer of Laos in their country. I have to say that the Mekong River here may have a different type of water because it made such a delicious beer that I cannot help but drink one or two bottles every day. My love with this land also lies in the gentle way of the sellers. Here you can choose to buy or not, you can take pictures or filming but they are still happy, some of them may give you an innocent smile too! How can you not love Luang Prabang after that?

Laughing loudly, playing loudly seemed to be rare in this land. Coming here you should be quiet if you do not want to stand out as a weird person because even the marketplace (which is so loud normally) is quiet and orderly. Maybe I was lucky that during my days I did not meet any noisy guests. I may have been so glad when the days were so cool but the sun was also shining as I wandered under the old roofs, dazed in the golden sunset from the tall Phousi.

Luang Prabang also countless things that make me so passionate that I can not count them all. But above all, perhaps is the slow pace of life, the adorable people and beautiful river mountain here.

In the middle of the world, people are competing over everything, there are places where people live slowly and peaceful, including Luang Prabang – where my heart was tied up back here so that after just a few days after returning, I dreamed about being in this place again beside the flowing Mekong Stream.

Some experiences about Luang Prabang

Temple in Luang Prabang @ Vietmytravel

Departure: Aircrafts from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam Airlines and Laos Aviation fly daily. AirAsia & Bangkok Airways flights fly from Bangkok and AirAsia flies from Kuala Lumpur. You can go by car but the road is quite difficult and takes a lot of time.

Accommodation: hostels, hotels, resorts… Luang Prabang is quite small so do not be afraid because you can walk and bike everywhere.

Eat and drink: morning market, night market, many restaurants, especially along the Mekong River for you to choose. The roasted and sticky rice is quite delicious, there are some dishes in Laos that are much like in Thailand.

Places to visit: Kuang Si waterfall (tuk-tuk ride, 200,000 kip and return, 2-3 hours waiting time); Tad Sae Falls (tuk-tuk ride, 150,000 kip both on and off); Up to Phousi Mountain sunset: Boat ride on the river or across the river elephant ride; Get up early watching the teachers go begging; Going to paper making village, making silk; La cafe near the river drinking Lao beer, coffee; Cycling around Luang Prabang; Massaging …


Hope you enjoy your time in Laos!

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