PyeongChang, Korea in 2018: The host of Olympic 2018


Coming to PyeongChang in Korea the correct time this year to participate in Olympic 2018 that will be hosted here. Join in the fun and the epicness of the winter sports in one of the most developed countries in Asia.

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Pyeongchang in 2018

The organizers expect to bring peace and prosperity to the world and the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang is also the first World Winter Games to be hosted in Asia.

In addition to attending the winter sports competition, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty, traditional culture of Korea and delicious regional cuisine right after the sacred fire from the torch. of the Olympic spirit will be lit up at PyeongChang Olympic Plaza.

Getting to this place is not too difficult for tourists, especially visitors from Southeast Asia.

Destinations in Pyeongchang

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Only about 1.5 hours from Seoul or 2 hours from Incheon Airport by express train. Once you reach Gangwon, throw your suitcase at the hotel for Seoraksan National Park to see the splendor of the Taebaek Mountains.

The Sorak cable car will slowly take you down to the summit of despair and find the trails far away by the naked eye.

Some of the stalls along the trail will give you a taste of your favorite fast-food items such as kimbap rice rolls or soju bottle warmers.

Nearby is the Woljeongsa Temple (Nguyet Tinh Temple), a place of worship, as well as a museum of Buddhist culture from the 10th to 14th centuries and especially visitors, can be booked for an overnight stay or stay. again on weekends.

In Jeongseon, a coal-powered crane system was added to the Samtan coal art at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the hotel complex and art museum “Haslla Art World” along the coast. It was built by the well-known Korean artists, Park Shin Jung and Choi Ok Yeung, with their alternate exhibitions and a grand hotel.

Tickets for the museum are 9,000 won (about 200,000 VND), but the hotel room rate is extremely expensive up to $ 1,300 per night probably because of the artistic value of the room interior as well as the view of the sea and the view. The sun is beautiful without pen due to the high altitude of Pyeongchang is 700m above sea level, some places up to 1,000m above sea level.

The cuisine

Here, visitors who love Korean food can find many delicious dishes in Hanwoo town, where you can just bake soft meat called “Wagyu” (beef) served with cheese made Local burdata is similar to the burrata (Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese, made with mozzarella and fresh cream, thin outer shell is the mozzarella curd while the inside contains a mixture of curd and fresh cream).

In the east of PyeongChang, seafood is the number one! So do not forget to visit the Daepohang Fish Market in Sokcho to enjoy the “Ojingeo sundae”, a local delicacy of steamed squid with vermicelli and vegetables like an ice cream or “hwe” dish of fresh seafood. Live sliced thin and stick with hot spicy chojang sauce.

If you are still hesitant to order, simply order the “Haemul Jeongol” – a sweet pot of water filled with abalone, oysters, and clams as well as the side dishes are equally important. vermicelli, vegetables, and tofu. Of course with the cold food style so the food is so spicy that you will be so surprised!

Why change into PyeongChang?

The logo of PyeongChang’s Winter Olympic @ Wikipedia

The reason for this is that the Korean names are worried that visitors will come to Pyongyang (Pyongyang, North Korea) for a winter sports event in 2018.

Korean homeowners have recently announced a revision of the Pyeongchang name to avoid confusion. They have slightly changed the venue name from Pyeongchang to PyeongChang with the capital “C” in the middle.

This will also be the first Olympics to bring 5G technology into use. South Korea is also the eighth country in the world to honor both the Summer Games and the Winter Games.

Hope you enjoy your time in Korea this Olympic!

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