Pulau Ubin, the last fishing village of Singapore

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Pulau Ubin in Singapore is special because it is unique in the country. Similar to the experiences that can be found in Vietnam, or Indonesia, coming to Pulau Ubin, you can be at peace as you watch the locals’ life pass by. Come to Pulau Ubin, your runaway heaven right now, to experience these sensations.

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Singapore’s last fishing village

Pulau Ubin is shaped like a boomerang with an area of about 10.2 km². The island is located northeast of Singapore’s main island, Johor Strait, and home to less than 100 households.

Today, the island elders tell their descendants about the legend that formed Pulau Ubin. It is said that in the past three animals including frogs, pigs and elephants challenged each other to race to Johor, which loses will turn into stone. But in the end, all three did not reach the finish line. Elephants and pigs turned to Pulau Ubin, while frogs turned to Pulau Sekudu, also known as today’s Frog Island.

In fact, Malaysian Pulau Ubin means Granite Island. The island was abandoned in the 1970s when stone-quarry workers left. Since then, Pulau Ubin has become peaceful and home to fishermen.

Later when the Singapore government mobilized people to land, some people still determined to stay on the island. They continue to live by fishing, living in old homes as inherited from ancient times.

Today Pulau Ubin is one of Singapore’s favorite destinations. On weekends, families often come here for camping, fishing or cycling in green trails.

The past is only a few steps away from the future

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Despite rapid urbanization of Singapore. The rhythm of Pulau Ubin has remained virtually unchanged for half a century.

The island’s landscape is protected intact with dense forests, swamps, coral reefs and huge lakes left by rock mining.

The inhabitants of the island still live by fishing and rely on the natural resources available to survive. Their children grow up in the city to study, live but older people are bound to stick to this place.

Unlike what you see in Singapore, capitalism in Pulau Ubin is like a living museum reflecting the image of this 60th-century island nation.

The people live in the old wooden houses, roofing. Cooking with wood, not using modern equipment such as motorcycles, refrigerators …

When asked why they do not use gas cookers, the elderly people here say that they have lived for decades, they do not burn their firewood, they do not have to use gas stoves or electric stoves for wastage.

Actually, life on Pulau Ubin is not too dependent on the outside. The owners of Pulau Ubin are older people, they do not have too many requirements on the facilities. This is also one of the reasons that the island became special with the other half of Singapore.

One day on Pulau Ubin Island

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In addition to its unique cultural and social values, Pulau Ubin is also attracted by its rich ecosystems with its diverse vegetation and vegetation.

This place preserves almost intact natural forests, coastal marshes and numerous rare animals such as sea rabbits, sea urchins, sea urchins, sponges …

From Changi Ferry Terminal, visitors take about 10 minutes by boat to Pulau Ubin. Here, bicycles are the most common means for you to explore every corner of the island.

In the early morning, you can enjoy cycling in the shady tree-lined boulevards, along with the side of the road that always contains many unexpected things waiting for you to discover.

At noon you can eat, rest in a restaurant on the island. If you want, you can also visit a few households. These people are very friendly and open, they can tell you many interesting stories about life here.

In the evening, do not forget to walk through the mangrove forest, explore the Chek Jawa Lagoon yourself. This tidal area has many coral reefs and unique marine life.

At night, you can camp with your family on the island. If you are used to the rhythm of daily life, a night sleeping under the starry sky, the four mountains are a forest with the whisper of the sea breeze, the sound of insects are the new experience you should try.

Hopefully, you will enjoy your time in Pulau Ubin, Singapore!

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