More destinations in Thailand for your trip in 2018


Some of the best destinations in Thailand, aside from the more popular ones. These destinations are less popular, but still has some unique characteristics. People who came to Thailand multiple times should consider visiting these destinations if you do not want to visit Bangkok or other popular destinations again.

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Isaan is a dialect of northeastern Thailand, surrounded in part by the Mekong. The northernmost point of this region is Nong Khai province, close to the Lao border and about 30 km from Vientiane. Famous for its U-shaped glass bridge, built on a cliff with breathtaking views.

Kaeo Ku Hall

Kaeo Ku Hall in Nong Khai @ Wikivoyage

Sala Kaeo Ku is the name of an outdoor Buddha statue, rare in Thailand. The building was built in 1978 and the statues are constantly being built. Here, visitors will admire the tall statue, moss color, simulating the legend in Buddhism. The most impressive is the statue of the Buddha sitting under the serpent Naga 7 head.

Wat Pho Chai

Wat Pho Chai is the most famous temple in Nong Khai, decorated with splendid chandeliers and walls covered Buddha. In the temple set sacred Buddha – Luangpho Phra Sai. According to legend, the three daughters of King Lan Chang cast three statues and named Phra Soem, Phra Suk, Phra Sai. Initially, the three statues were located in Vientiane. Once taken to Nong Khai, Phra Suk was engulfed by a storm. Later, Phra Soem was taken to Bangkok, while Phra Sai was placed at Wat Pho Chai, now part of Nong Khai.

Nong Khai

To Nong Khai, you should not miss the moment of sunset on the Mekong. The bridge connecting Thailand and Laos across the river is also an important traffic circuit between Nong Khai and Vientiane.

Udon Thani

Udon Thani @ Wikipedia

55 km from Nong Khai, Udon Thani is a more developed province, but it does not lose its natural beauty. One of them is the Red Lotus Sea, where millions of lotus flowers, guns, blooms from November to February next. Visitors will be sailing along the lake to get closer to the flowers.

Visitors to Udon Thani usually take a check-in photo with a giant golden duck lord located in the middle of the lake in the city center. In the morning, this place gathers a lot of people to exercise and breathe the fresh air. This is also a symbol of the hospitality and fun of this city.

Wat Pa Phu Khon

In Thailand, there is no shortage of famous temples, but Wat Pa Phu Khon in Udon Thani still impresses visitors with the green color highlights on a hill. This is considered the most beautiful temple in the Northeast. In the temple, there is a statue of Buddha lying in a white marble

Ban Chiang

Thailand has 7 world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO and one of them is located in Udon Thani, Ban Chiang archaeological site. In order to protect the site while promoting this heritage to many visitors, Thailand has built a museum to preserve and display the artifacts that have been found. Here you will admire the objects dating back to 5000 years but meticulously.

UD Town night market

UD Town night market is the most vibrant destination in this city. There are thousands of stalls selling souvenirs, clothing, bags, shoes, and food. Many young people choose to shop, have dinner and foot massage after a discovery.

Ban Nakha cloth market

The cloth market in the morning @ Siam Longings

Ban Nakha is a Thai-style clothing and cloth market in Udon Thani. There are hundreds of booths and attracts a large number of female visitors to shopping. In addition, the market also includes jewelry combined with skirts and handmade souvenirs for visitors. From Bangkok, you can choose cheap Thai Smile (Thai Airways) to get to Udon Thani International Airport in less than an hour. In addition, there are road trips through Lao Bao border gate (Quang Tri). If you combine to Laos, you can choose to fly directly to Vientiane or drive through Cau Treo (Ha Tinh).

H, pefully these destinations will make your trip to Thailand more interesting!

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