Mae Hong Son travel diary


Mae Hong Son, Thailand through a traveler’s eyes

>> Khlong Thom, the “Emerald pool” in Thailand

The road is dangerous

The road in Mae Hong Son @ Big Bike Tours

No direct flight from Bangkok to Mae Hong Son, so when I landed in Bangkok then took a flight to Chiang Mai, then take a bus 6-7 hours to Mae Hong Son (you can catch the domestic flights from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son.

Many people said that “specialty” that Mae Hong Son uses to greet guests is the famously steep and slope and curving crossroad with about 1,864 bends which are really dangerous. But fortunately, Mae Hong Son welcomes me to be more sympathetic, because the beams of wild sunflower’s blooms dazzling across majestic hills.

There are bunches of forest flowers, tiny flowers blooming along the road, the fragrant aroma scattered throughout the vast sky. Especially when there are few trees around, the visitors can see the green mountains below the vast skyline while sitting in the car.

In the middle of the street, I had a chance to visit the poetic town of Pai (3 hours drive from Mae Hong Son). The small town is full of garden cafe bars, grocery stores, restaurants …

The silent village, situated in the middle of clouds and mountains, is pure, gentle, simple but also “addictive” to many visitors. And of course, in the middle of the mountain town, nothing is more wonderful than enjoying a cool beer in the glittering jazz music.

And when the night falls, the whole town brightens under the bright yellow light, making people warm in the cold of the mountain city. The visitors can exchange the fun talk. This “strange neighborhood” never seems to sleep early.

Drunk in love

Mae Hong Son city @ Thaizer

Say goodbye to Pai, I boarded the car continue to journey to the capital of Mae Hong Son. On the way, the car passed two military checkpoints, making it a little worried about the land next to the border.

The capital of Mae Hong Son seems to be just a pretty town with windy roads, curving up and down like Da Lat street. This place is decent, no storks or services that bother the visitors like other places.

The people are happy, affectionate. The rhythm of life here is not boring, nor as busy as the town. For me, Mae Hong Son is a special mountain town. Only when slowing down, we can know what the mountain town whispers.

Getting to Mae Hong Son and not renting two-wheel vehicles is a serious shortcoming. How can you feel the beauty of it if you do not explore the narrow streets, winding alleyways, crowded cliffs, golden scorpions, porcelain and green banana rows … alternating between the Prasart-style houses.

Also for once, you can try visiting Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu is located on the top of the windswept hill. There, tourists can see the panorama of Mae Hong Son city and the isolated airport.

Continue for more than 40km, we have the opportunity to visit a series of rice fields on the roadside or lake Pang Oung with dreamy fresh air.

The final destination is Ban Rak Thai village nestled on the highest point of Mae Hong Son province, 1 km from the Thai border and Myanmar. This is a village of Exiled Chinese, famous for the green tea slushy pitches and traditional jars of wine with age up to dozens of years.

That is Mae Hong Son inside of my mind … No matter how busy and different it gets one day, I always believe that I will still love it like the first day set foot here.

Hope you enjoy your time in Thailand!

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