Do not miss the island Bohol in Phillipines


Tips for a wonderful trip in Bohol, Philippines.

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There are two ways to get to Bohol, you can take a ship from Cebu to Bohol about 2 hours or fly directly from Manila Airport to Tagbilaran Airport which takes 1.5 hours flight. To save you time, money and help you maximize your experience, we suggest the following way:

From Saigon, book your AirAsia flight directly to Manila (01:35 am, 05:15 am). When arriving in Manila, you continue to fly down to Cebu Island and spend about two days exploring the island and some other beautiful islands nearby such as Mactan, Hilutunganm, Nalusan, Caohagan … Next, you take the train to Bohol and here in 2 days, experience the beautiful locations on Bohol Island and nearby Panglao Island. Finally, from Bohol, you fly back to Manila and continue flying to Saigon.

Note that AirAsia has a direct Manila-Saigon flight time of 23:25 pm, up to 01:05 am. This trip is only on Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays so you should arrange travel time to the Philippines appropriately.

Traveling on the island, you can rent a local car for a group trip, rent a jeepney, ride a tricycle or simply rent a motorbike and get anywhere you like. Note that Phillipines traffic is right-sided, remember that when riding a motorbike.


 Eskaya Beach Resort @  Eskaya Beach Resort

On Bohol Island there are not many hotels or resorts, most of which are located on the island of Panglao by the island owns the famous white sand beach Alona. But do not worry, Bohol and Panglao are connected by two Borja bridges and Ambassador Suarez so you can easily move back and forth.

If you love luxury, you can choose Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa is one of the most luxurious resorts Bohol with the lowest price about 12 million / night. Other resorts such as Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa, Amorita Resort, Henann Resort Alona Beach … are also popular.

Or, if you love cheap homestay, you can choose Steffi’s Place, Water to Forest Ecolodge, Bohol Coco Farm, 1peace guesthouse … every place has its own special interest awaiting you to experience.


  1. Sail along the Loboc River

Only 400php for a trip along the Loboc River, you will admire the glistening blue of the famous Loboc River on Bohol Island. Not only that, you will be immersed in the fun of the local people with a beautiful ukulele. On the boat, there is also a lunch buffet and karaoke making the time for an hour on the train goes through extremely fast.

  1. Watching fireflies at night

Also on the Loboc River, on the two sides of the coconut water at night dense focus many bright fireflies lit a river. On clear nights, you can even observe a sky full of stars. Feeling when walking in the river watching each flock of flying fireflies, looking up to millions of stars sparkling is no different than you are lost in the middle of the world.

  1. Zipline at Loboc Eco-Adventure Park
    Eco-Adventure Park @ Youtube

Arrived at Bohol, you must definitely visit the Loboc Eco Adventure Park to participate in adventure games swinging zips from mountain to mountain. With a height of 550m, turn 400m, ticket price 400php, extremely cheap but the experience is guaranteed to remember for life. From above, you can admire the whole view of the blue Loboc River, emotions will quickly turn from fear to enjoyment only because the scenery is extremely beautiful. However, if you can not overcome the fear of heights, you can take the cable car or join the river activities such as rowing, kayaking on the river …

  1. Look for Tarsier dwarf monkeys

Tarsier Monkey is one of the most unique of Bohol Island. Since it is the smallest of all primates in the world, the size is no larger than the adult man’s hand. However, deforestation has devastated the habitat of the dwarf Tarsier. So the Philippine government has built a reserve to protect this rare species. In the sanctuary of Tarsier, you have to go light, speak quietly and take pictures without lights so as not to wake the sleeping animals. Visitors must follow the available paths and be guided only by the location of the Tarsier.

  1. Take a panoramic view of the Chocolate Hills

About 1,268 hemispheres lying on an area of about 50 square kilometers in the middle of Bohol Island, turning into light brown in the dry season, make up the distinctive Chocolate Hills. These hills are considered the most lively nature monument on Bohol Island and the image of the hills is undulating, lying close together and is glazed like a box of chocolate was chosen on the flag and on the seal of the island. This.

  1. Waving area at Alona Beach

Alona on the island of Panglao, just one big island Bohol bridge but this is one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the Philippines with the white sand beach is not inferior to any other famous sea paradise. From Alona Beach in Panglao, you can rent boats to the surrounding islands like Balicasag, Pamilacan, Virgin. Each island is a small paradise. The feeling of swimming among colorful flocks of fish is something you must not miss.

  1. Find dolphins at sea

Off the coast of Panglao, dolphins swim throughout the year, especially from March to May. The best time of the day to see the dolphins jumping around the nose of the boat around 5 am to 7 am. You should rent hotel near Alona beach and buy the tour from the afternoon, in the morning you can go right away, so pay the money first.


Hope you enjoy your time in Phillipines!

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