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Things to try in Philippines while you are here.

>> Do not miss the island Bohol in Phillipines

Jeepney ride on the city tour

The first thing when you arrive in Manila, you will be overwhelmed by the colorful jeepney cars. If there are cyclos in Vietnam, there are tuk-tuk in Thailand, the culture of the Philippines is attached to this jeepney. Jeepney cars show the unlimited creativity of the drivers. This unique artistic direction is influenced by the Spaniards, Mexicans, Americans, and the unique Filipino artistry.

Jeepney cars do not have fixed stops like regular buses. If you want to pick up the car, just stand at the crossroads and wave,  the driver will stop you. Jeeps usually run on a fixed route for the price of  8php for the first kilometer. So to get to where you need, you should find out the number of cars that run toward that place beforehand!

Losing your money in Asia’s largest shopping mall

Manilla shopping malls @ Notey

It is not Bangkok or Kula Lumpur but Manila itself is home to a series of largest shopping centers in Asia. There are also “giant” brands such as SM Mall of Asia, Glorietta, Robinsons Place Mall, Newport Mall … In these places, you can easily find the popular budget fashion brands such as H & M., Uniqlo, Forever21, Mango, Zara … as well as other premium brands.

Not only fashion, shopping centers also offer you the electronics, furniture department; Dining, recreation, cinema… extremely diverse, not to mention many places also a refundable tax for tourists. And you know what comes next, you’ll quickly get rid of your cash, your credit card just one day by wandering around in these shopping centers.

Explore the ancient architecture of Intramuros

When the first Spaniards arrived in the Philippines, they recognized the importance and built a 67-hectare citadel called Intramuros (meaning “inside the wall”). Intramuros, as a “historical witness” of the Philippines from 1521 to present. The construction of Intramuros lasted hundreds of years. The original wall is made of wood. By 1590, the first Spanish governor of Manila had demolished wooden walls and rebuilt them into solid stone. At the same time, he built towers and fortress.

In addition to the civil and administrative works of the Spanish colonial, they also left many churches, schools, hospitals … Santiago Fortress is the most solid traces. It is located at the mouth of the river, to the north of the city. Initially, the fort was also built of wood and earth. After being demolished in 1574, the fort was rebuilt with stone. This population belongs to a government protected area and is listed on the United Nations Heritage List.

Visit the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

This is the resting place of 36,299 Filipino soldiers and Americans bravely sacrificed in World War II, with marble tombstones arranged in a circular shape to create a unique architecture. The cemetery with an extremely large area of about 200ha, inside the overall beautiful scenery, unique architecture has depicted the spaciousness commensurate with the loss, the sacrifice of the soldiers.

Inside the church, the area is the design of Sicilian marble and on each wall carved the names of the soldiers. Exquisite marble has created a unique look without any graveyards. Moreover, this is also the burial site for the second largest American soldier after Normandy in France.

Look at the sunset over Manila Bay

Located in the heart of the city, Manila Bay brings in its modern beauty but is also very peaceful. Take a walk on the bay, blowing the sea breeze blowing, watching beautiful sunset falls are the unforgettable feeling when coming here. The Bay of Manila boasts the famous Seaside Boulevard hidden behind the busy Mall Of Asia. Afternoon on the boulevard there are many people and tourists out here enjoy, enjoy the fresh air and together watch the sunset on the sea. The image of the sun slowly sank into the sea, causing the sky to dye a blaze of red. It is as if there is some supernatural power that burns the sky with fire. The scene is so spectacular that you can not miss it.

Eat chicken Jollibee

Jolibee in Manila @ Youtube

Do not be surprised when you see Jollibee fast food restaurants dominate not only Manila but also the Philippines. Stores are very popular not only because of the taste of chicken but also because of the very cheap price. Each portion of food only averages about 50php, equivalent to 25,000 VND you are already full. Therefore, Jollibee is very popular with the majority of people, students, students … Every lunchtime or dinner, these places are crowded.

Midnight traffic jam

As in other developing cities, the traffic jams in Manila take place every day regardless of day and night. Since there are no metro or tramways in Manila, all means of transportation travel are the same. Here, you can take almost an hour to get there for about 3km within the city limits. As a matter of fact, you should be aware of time if there is a need to work on time or to the airport.

It’s uncomfortable to get stuck, but few people feel uncomfortable because the people are so familiar and sometimes they are excited about introducing tourists to it. If you have the urgency, choose the motorbike like in Vietnam, with the advantage of being small and flexible, you will definitely get to where you need to be on time.

Enjoy yourself with free music

It can be said, with a country like music loves the Philippines, anywhere you can also see a band “singing” but they are also extremely skilled. From the shopping malls to the luxury airport to the streets, restaurants … anywhere you can hear the familiar music. Usually, a group consists of about 3 to 4 people, including the main vocalist. Everyone in the group knows to play at least one musical instrument.

Come to Manila in particular or travel to the Philippines in general, feeling like any people here can sing and sing very well. It seems that music is an integral part of everyday life. Immersed in ancient space, but equally modern, brilliant is the unforgettable impression on you during the days being lost in Manila.

Hope you enjoy your time at Philippines!

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