9 great destinations for your families and friends in Singapore

S.E.A. Aquarium via Resorts World Sentosa

There are many destinations in Singapore that are suitable for children and families should they visit this country. All of them bring great fun to the families from all around the world. If you come to Singapore with your loved ones, please consider these destinations as they are some of the best even around Asia.

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S.E.A. Aquarium

Aquarium S.E.A. Aquarium is located in Sentosa Island, is called the largest aquarium in the world – where more than 100,000 exhibits marine species of 800 species.

You can watch over 200 types of sharks or watch the big rays and eels. The central area of the aquarium in Singapore is a “giant fish tank” made up of the largest glass plate in the world with a width of 36m, 8.3m high. Through the transparent glass system, you can enjoy watching sharks, dolphins and many other strange creatures.

In addition, families can experience dinner at the Ocean Restaurant with surrounding sea creatures swimming wildly. The menu includes seafood prepared according to the requirements of the customers.

Dolphin Island

Dolphin Island via Klook

Just watch the fun performance of dolphins have become old because when you come to Dolphin Island on Sentosa Island, you also hand stroked and exchanged with this lovely marine life. You can even shake hands, feed them and take pictures with the dolphins. This helps tourists better understand the marine life and the dolphins themselves. Trainers also share knowledge about dolphins, their habitats, their diets, and their live activities for visitors.

There are 8 programs for guests to choose from, including Breakfast with Dolphins, Dolphin Touch, Swim with Dolphins, Dive with Dolphins … The price of the experience depends on the program you take. , ranging from SGD 48 per person.

Adventure Cove Water Park

This is the premier and funky park in the lion island nation, featuring the first of six special-purpose hydraulic slides in Southeast Asia. The slider will push the player directly through the slopes up and down, even the crab legs to give a sense of excitement.

In addition, you can relax in the Bluewater Bay pool with artificial waves along with a lazy river about 620 m meandering around tropical forests and caves. If you want to feel more realistic in the sea, you can register to participate in diving, watching 20,000 species of fish and colorful corals.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios via Resorts World Sentosa

No need to travel far distant to the United States can you see the familiar image in the famous film of the Hollywood movie capital, now just arrived in Universal Studios Singapore you have met expectations mine.

With 24 great scenes from 7 world-famous movie themes, Universal Studios Singapore is a miniature world with fairies for children and adults. As soon as you step through the big gate, you immediately see the characters long believed to exist only in cartoons, fiction and deep into it, there are many surprises waiting for visitors. In particular, each game area has its own souvenir stand. Guests can buy them immediately as gifts or celebrations later.

Jurong Bird Park

A home to 5,000 feathers of 400 species, the Jurong BirdPark is home to one of the largest bird collections in the world. The main attractions not to be missed in this 20.2-acre bird paradise include Bird Discovery Center, African Waterfowl Bird Park, Lory Loft Parrot, Southeast Asian Bird Park and African Wetlands.

Here, you and your family will be able to see the spectacular show with spectacular winds of eagles, falcons and giant hawks. At the world’s largest Lory Flight parrot, you will also have the opportunity to feed the parrots directly on their hands and chat with them on their shoulders.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum via HiPPO Singapore Pass

Lee Kong Chian Museum is the newest museum, also the first natural history museum in Singapore. Featured in the collection here are the giant dinosaur fossils, considered the “star” of prehistoric times such as Prince, Apollonia, and Twinky. In addition, the museum houses 15 exhibits on the history of the development of organisms on earth, including plants, mollusks, reptiles, mammals, and fish.

Address: 7th Floor, National University of Singapore (NUS)

Skyline Luge Sentosa

For those who love the thrill of gaming, the Sentosa Luge, the first Luge scooter game to be introduced in Southeast Asia, can not be ignored. Here, the player will sit in a specially designed non-motorized vehicle and must control the car to complete the 1.4 km long road without touching another vehicle or hit the roadside.

The Skyline Luge is suitable for anyone, for speed enthusiasts who wanders sideways through the steep slopes, shy people use more brakes and slow cars to go through the green nature. Street. You can choose either the Jungle Trail (650m) or The Dragon Trail (668m).

The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom via Flickr

Surrounded by lush tropical greenery, Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom has beautiful natural landscapes. With over 3,000 species of butterflies and insects, this park is considered to be home to the world’s largest collection of butterflies and insects.

Butterfly Park is a landscaped garden with over 15,000 species of butterflies, representing more than 50 species. The park’s outdoor conservatory is home to a variety of butterflies, including rare endangered butterflies.

In addition, the insect kingdom has about 3,000 insect species from around the world, including a species of Dynastes Hercules of 160 mm long.

Address: Imbiah Lookout 51, Cable Car Road, Sentosa Island.

MegaZip Adventure Park

If you and your loved ones are adventurous and not afraid of heights, MegaZip Adventure Park with all sorts of adventure is the choice for you. Nestled under the rainforest of the Sentosa Jungle, the park features a 75m-high pulley racetrack over the ground with a 3-wire cable.

Ride with friends, relatives and experience a heart-warming but fascinating journey with the speed of up to 50 km / h, or you can also test new adventure with adventure travel. 15m high ClimbMax rope or dropping from 15m ParaJump. Next, conquer the 16m NorthFace wall. Designed to be both challenging and entertaining, both adults and children will have a fun time here.

Hope you enjoy your time in Singapore!

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