4 new best destinations in Asia that you will want to visit in 2018


Some of the best places in Asia for your trip in 2018. 

>> The Singapore Aquarium: SEA’s largest aquarium

Korea – Seoul

This year, it is surprising that the Thai fever is cooling down to give up this position to another city, Seoul, Korea.

There are services in the “top of the peak”. Whether your needs are shopping, dining or simply going sightseeing, the capital of Korea will always make you happy.

Traveling to Seoul is nowhere near as old. A lot of new air routes are open, airfare is just hard to hunt for cheap tickets as easy to play, the guide to explore the country is also on the net for your reference. not afraid of “lost”.

Although Korea is still a country with a high standard of living and cost is more expensive than other countries in the region such as Thailand, Singapore … but if you know how to spend reasonable and not too rushed shopping fever is still fully able to enjoy the whole country from 5-6 days with the amount of money is about 15 million

Taiwan – Taipei, Taichung

Tapei in Taiwan @ Nomad is Beautiful

Taiwan in general and Taipei, in particular, are destinations that Vietnamese young people, especially those who love to travel to a lot in the past year. Just sit on the airplane for about 3 hours, then you can set foot on a completely new land. Time zone between Vietnam and Taipei only difference 1 hour so do not worry jetlag.

Since the living standard of the people here is not so high, everything from transportation, shopping to food and drink are very pleasant, spoiled for you even if limited budget. Besides, it can not fail to mention countless tourist attractions and places of interest.

Taipei is small, but the number of places to go coughing is called count not forever. From Huashan Creative Park – a beautiful art space of Taipei youths to Village 44, including 4-5 blocks built from the 1948 renovation of the market. weekend or Hoa Son – all will make you overwhelmed and admired for its creativity and aesthetics.


Malaysia @ YBA HCM

In recent years, young Vietnamese have traveled to Malaysia more than before. Although not a country as prominent as other names but Malaysia is still a land contains many surprises for those who love exploring, experience. This place is very close to Vietnam, spoiled for you to go back without fear or time-consuming costs.

Those who enjoy vibrant rhythms, busy shopping centers or big amusement parks must not miss Kuala Lumpur. Arriving in this city, you will not be surprised by the pace of development as rushing as any big city in the world.



Singapore @ Vietravel

Singapore – where the interference of many races, cultural flows collide and blend in the heart of the civilized city. This country is famous for the rhythm of life circulating neatly and subtly on each street clean, spacious; where works of art and economy knit each other, harmony to the surprise. Beside that is the place with the ability to make time as stop giving place “floating” soul in the trees, nature, immersed under the deep ocean scene …

Because of the great harmony like so, in recent years, Vietnamese youth to Singapore more and more. There is no denying that prices in Singapore are much higher than those in Southeast Asia. However, with this money, you can enjoy what essence, expensive and have 1-0-2 in the world. Well, that’s a reasonable price, right?

And you, up to today, you have set foot to how many interesting destinations above? If the answer is not yet gone, then plan to go immediately and always in this Lunar new year.


Hope you enjoy your time in Asia!

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