Top coffee shops in Hanoi


Here are the lists of recommended coffee shops in Hanoi in case you are in Hanoi, Vietnam and trying to find a good space to spend time with your dear family and friends.

>> The most famous “Pho” shops in Hanoi

Giang coffee

Egg coffee in Giang @ Youtube

At first, this coffee was at Hang Gai St. Then it was split into 2 smaller shops in Nguyen Huu Huan St and Yen Phu St. Giang is a famous cuisine destination to locals and foreign tourists when they are in Hanoi. The fame of this coffee shop comes from the famous “Egg coffee” by Mr. Nguyen Van Giang, who invented this drink while he was a bartender for Metropole hotel in 1946. In both shops, the space is quite small but it is always crowded with customers. In Nguyen Huu Huan St, the shops have two floors with lots of plants and trees, and in Yen Phu St the shop is right on the surface of the road so it is easy to notice.

Dinh coffee

Dinh cafe  @ Blog Du Khach

This shop was opened by Mrs. Bich, the daughter of Mr. Nguyen Van Giang of Giang coffee, in order to continue the career of her father. This shop resides on the second floor of an old house on the road surface of Dinh Tien Hoang St so the shop is called Din. The space inside is quite vintage and small, but in reality, this is filled with lots of people’s memories of youth. The menu here is quite simple, with coffee, cacao, lemonade, kudzu… The customers could be locals or foreign tourists, students or elders. The favorite place in this shop is a small balcony that has the view of Sword Lake and Dinh Tien Hoang St which is always crowded with people. A quite enjoyable view.

Ca Phe Pho Co ( Old Quarter Coffee)

Old Quarter Coffee @ Double Skinny Macchiato

Even though coming here the 1st time might be quite a challenge due to this place being in an old house hidden deeply inside Hang Gai St, Old Quarter Coffee is still a favorite destination for a lot of foreign tourists. Inside the shop are a lot of wooden objects, ancient objects and a lot of plants. The customers can freely choose their seats. The top floor is the most popular spot because of the huge campus. You can see everything around the Sword Lake from this spot.

Loading T

Recently in one of CNN’s clip that introduces the good shops for egg coffee in Hanoi, Loading T also appeared. This is a small coffee shop that sits on the second floor of an old house in Chan Cam St. The drinks (coffee, tea, fruit juice) and the cakes are really praised by many tourists. The position in the central city along with the warm space and friendly servers has pleased many foreign tourists who came here.

Hanoi Social Club

Hanoi Social Club @ Erasmusu

This club is inside a quiet alley of Hoi Vu St. Hanoi Social Club has 3 floors so the guests have more choices while being here. The shop not only serves drinks but also breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With the quiet space along with living acoustics that consists both locals and foreign tourists, this is a recommended destination in Hanoi.

Hanoi House

Hanoi House @ VnExpress International

This club is on the second floor of a house in Ly Quoc Su St. It also has an impressive small entrance through a corner and a lovely balcony that looks out the Grand Cathedral. The drinks are quite diverse, from coffees, teas to juices, cocktail, soda… Even though the shop has a quite small space and sometimes a lot of customers, the staffs always welcome the customers with a warm smile and can still arrange for you a private corner for chatting. The decoration mainly consists of old objects, unique hanged-lights, old brick floor.Light French music is the main genre here. This club attracts a lot of coffee lovers who also seek a romantic space.

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