Top beef noodle shops in Taipei


Some of the most delicious beef noodle shops in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Regent Taipei

Regent Taipei @ Hunry Hongkong

 Regent Hotel has won many prices at the Festival of Beef noodles in Taiwan and has served many types of beef noodles at the Azia Grand Café inside the hotel. The most delicious here is called New Formosa (about 14 USD per bowl). New Formosa has won the creative award at the Noodle festival in 2013. This bowl contains beef, bitter borecole of Taiwan.

Address: Azia Grand Café and Restaurant, Regent Taipei: Number 3, Road 30, Area 2 Chung San North St, Taipei.

Yong Kang Beef Noodle Shop

Yong Kang Beef Noodle Shop @ FoodieFC

Opened in 1963s, this small restaurant is one of the best places to have beef noodle as it has the most delicious soup in the city. The restaurant never goes to the festival because they want “the other restaurants to have the chance”. The noodle here is cooked with Australian beef and spicy soup in the style of Sichuan soup. The best beef noodle here is Tendon beef noodle (about 6 $). The noodle is tough, the meat is soft, the tendons are easy to eat but not too tough and the soup is rich in flavor.

Address: Yong Kang Beef Noodle Shop, Number 17, Road 31, Area 2, Jinshan South St, Taipei.

Lin Dong Fang

Lin Dong Fang @ Youtube

Lin Don Fang is a restaurant which serves the traditional beef noodle. This restaurant has existed for 3 decades. The strong point of this restaurant is in the special soup, which is made using the ancient seasonings of China. The best dish is the tendon beef noodle (about 6 $). The soup is already incredible but if you want, you can add a spoon of beef fat to deepen the flavor. You can ask for more soups for free at the restaurants.

Address: Lin Dong Fang Niu Rou Mian, Number 274, Area 2, Bade St, Taipei, Taiwan.

Pin Chuan Lan

Pin Chuan Lan @ Hungryintaipei Blog

This restaurant has a quite spectacular style of furniture, with a mix between modern and traditional style. There are lots of types of beef noodle on the menu too, each comes with the pure soup. Aside from noodle, Pin Chuan Lan also serve many traditional Taiwan food like Pork sizzling cake and Green Pepper. The most famous dish:  American’ Shoulder Beef Noodle. It’s not cheap (about 14$) and surely after this, you cannot eat anything else.

Address: Pin Chuan Lan restaurant, number 10, Alley 11, Lane 216, Area 4, Zhong Xiao East St, Taipei.

W Taipei

W Taipei restaurant @ Thekitchentable

The beef noodle here is very popular in Taiwan. This originates from the fact that 600 bowls of beef noodles here were served in the wedding for the famous couple Chen “Blackie” Chienchou and Christine Dan at this hotel at 2011. After this event, W Taipei beef noodle became the most popular dish to be served at the room at this hotel and became the hot dish in the menu of Woo Bar (10th floor of W Taipei), where the famous artists usually hang out. The best dish is Niou rou mian (about 19$). This famous dish has the thin sliced beef but also very soft to bite, borecole,  the tough noodle, the red soup that has the spicy taste.

Address: W Taipei hotel, number 10, area 5, Zhongxiao East St, Xinyi District, Taipei.

Mien Mien Chu Tao noodle shop

The beef noodle with spicy, pure and sour soup is the featured dish in both of the Mien Chu Tao shops. Unlike other soups in other noodle shops in Taipei, Mien Mien noodle in the style of Sichuan here has the delicious soup that is made using spicy beef bones. Right to its name, the soups of the noodle here is rich in steamed bone flavor, chili, and the Sichuan pepper. All in all, creates an extremely spicy but delicious beef noodle. The best dish: Sichuan noodle with beef and clam (about 4,5$). You can increase the size of the bowl for 0.7$)

Address: Mien Chu Tao Tasty Noodle House, 1/F, 1-162 Fuhua St, Area 1, Shilin District, Taipei

Hope you enjoy your time in Taipei!

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