Top 5 unique souvenirs that your relatives will love in Singapore

Bak Kwa @ The Straits Times

When finishing the trip in Singapore, you might wonder: “What should I buy for my relatives at home?”. Because Singapore has such a huge range of merchandise, it might be hard to choose one of them over another. This article will help you solve that problem and list the top 5 most unique souvenirs in Singapore right now.

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Bak Kwa (dried meat)

Bak Kwa is a snack not only enjoyed by many indigenous peoples but also by many Singaporean travelers. This is a Chinese-made dish, usually made from meat such as chicken, beef, pork, even thin sliced crocodile meat. Bak Kwa, when eaten, is salty, sweet and processed in many ways such as honey, marinated …

Bak Kwa is cut to small pieces, the meat is crushed and pressed into a small round or square plate, color eye-catching, delicious taste. In Singapore you can find Bak Kwa in many shops. Especially if you visit Chinatown, you can see the large stores specializing in selling this item. Here, the customer can comfortably taste the meat before deciding to buy. Bak Kwa is usually packed in bundles or bundles, for convenience.

Dried meat is sold in pre-packed or disposable bags. However, any kind of box or beautiful packaging comes as a gift.

Pineapple cake

Pineapple cake @ Miss Tam Chiak

Referring to specialty pineapple buns, people often think of Taiwan. But it turns out in Singapore you can also buy this delicious cake as a gift at a reasonable price. In Singapore, pineapple is widely sold in many supermarkets, shopping centers, night markets … If you come to Chinatown, you also have the opportunity to buy bread right at the furnace.

The cake has many shapes for your choice such as square, round or even mini pineapple shape. Each box of cake costs from S $ 6, which is a good buy even if you are not over budget.

Candies and chocolates

Candy and chocolates in Singapore @ Discover SG

In Singapore, there is a place that can give you the feeling of “Alice in Wonderland”, which is a Candylicious candy store. Entering the shop, many customers have to be happy when they are around the world of all kinds of candy, candy, chocolate, candy plastic, full of shapes, colors, and flavors.

Candy here is sold in grams, sometimes there are discounts deal or buy 1 get 1 so you buy good candy bargain. Candylicious in Singapore has two stores. One in Vivo City Harbourfront purple line, one in Sentosa, near the Universal Studio logo is easy to find.

Chinese sausages

Chinese sausages in Singapore @ Wikimedia Commons

Traveling to Singapore, especially on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, you will not be surprised at the stalls selling sausages, and pork chickens, fried chicken.

These stalls usually have a red color. In the counter dangling a bunch of sausages. The shops also have beautifully designed paper boxes for gift items.

Dried persimmon

It turns out that the popular Dried persimmon is not expensive in Singapore. The outside of the dried persimmon is covered with sweet white sugar. The dried persimmon is a bit flexible and is sold in the shopping mall, especially in Chinatown. The price is quite cheap, about 12-15 Singapore dollars 1 kg. If you buy it as a gift, you can ask the seller to split into small bags and put a red bow in the mouth of the bag to add the charm.

Hopefully, you will be able to have a wonderful time in Singapore. Singapore is the home of many amazing destinations and foods, and you should at least visit Singapore once on your trip to Asia.

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