Top 40 dishes that you should try right away when visiting Malaysia (Part 3)


Some of the most delicious dishes in Malaysia, Asia. When being in this country, be sure to check them out in order to experience the most about this Asian country.

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Grilled fish Satar

Satar is similar to otak-otak, which is also grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves, but more meat, less spicy.

Roti canai flour cake

Roti canai @ HungryGoWhere

Roti Canai is a popular bakery in Malaysia with its distinctive flavor and unforgettable aroma. The cake is made from flour mixed with butter, chicken eggs, thinned, baked double-sour yellow and hot food.

The cake is delicious thanks to the foam, crispy but soft inside and very fragrant. The best spinach can be eaten with chicken curry or can be used as a snack.

Mee Rebus Noodle

Mee rebus is similar to mee goring, one of the most famous noodles in Malaysia and a bit of Chinese food.

An attractive bowl of mee rebus must include ingredients such as boiled eggs, limes, green onions, celery, peppers, tofu mixed with potato juice, curry powder, peas and soybeans.

Gulai Ayam Kampong Curry

Gulai Ayam Kampong @ Inilah Duniaku

This chicken curry can be cooked in a variety of ways depending on the region. However, the key point is the taste of this dish.

Chefs will leave traditional herbs, potatoes, turmeric, kaffir, and lemongrass to create a fragrant aroma.

Lor Bak (Minced meat)

Lor bak is minced pork with 5 different seasonings, then wrapped in tofu and fried. This dish is served with two types of sauce, including hot chili sauce and chicken egg sauce.

Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish)

Ikan Bakar @ Wikipedia

It can be said, to travel Malaysia you can enjoy a lot of delicious grilled fish, such as Ikan Bakar. Fish wrapped in banana leaves grilled on charcoal fire red.

The fish meat is white, soft, sweet and fragrant, eat together with spicy chili sauce to the numb tongue. Is it enough to be happy?

Char kuey teow

Char kuey teow is a very famous noodle dish, the specialty of Penang Island, Malaysia. Noodles are made from fried rice noodles with black soy sauce, served with seafood such as shrimp, oysters, fish, squid, omelet, pepper, chili, chili paste …

Char kuey teow is best when enjoyed while still hot.

Previously, this dish was usually only for the poor to eat, but then quickly spread widely to the Malaysian people and tourists.

Char kuey teow is usually lined with a layer of green banana leaves under the plate when eaten and very popular so you can find it in most restaurants.

Goreng pisang (Fried banana cake)

Goreng Pisang @ The Morning After

Goreng Pisang is fried banana cake. Bananas are dipped in honey and then fried up with flour, which is usually served at the tea party in Kuala Lumpur.

Kapitan (Chicken curry)

Chicken curry kapitan is not the same as the usual curry flavor because the juice of this dish is made from tamarind juice, almonds, fresh turmeric and shrimp sauce.

Perhaps it is thanks to the difference that chicken curry kapitan is popular with many tourists. However, if you are not used to eating shrimp, you should choose traditional curry.

Ketupat rice cakes

Ketupat @ Indoindians

Ketupat is a famous rice cake in many Southeast Asian countries such as Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia …

In it, the rice is wrapped around palm leaves and cooked. The ketupat is often eaten with rending, satay (or barbecue) or as a meal, served with a variety of other foods.

Jeu hoo char

Jeu hoo char is a salad consisting of a small mixture of garlic, onion, mushroom, pork, and cuttlefish. This dish is especially popular in festivals, especially the Lunar New Year.

Kaya toast

Kaya is the sweet and attractive coconut jam of Malaysia. You will spread the jam on a thin slice of bread baked with butter, then sip the same cup of aromatic black coffee.

Many local people have the habit of eating this dish together with two boiled eggs, soy sauce, and pepper for breakfast.

Ais kachang ice cream cake

Ais Kachang @ Pinterest

Ais kachang is also called chopped tea, which consists of finely chopped ice cream mixed with cornstarch, condensed milk, and syrup. Some places also include red beans and fish.

Air Tebu juice

Similarly to Vietnam, sugar cane juice is very popular in Malaysia, especially on hot summer days.

Wonton mee noodle

Noodles originated in China, but soon became the most popular dish in Malaysia.

This dish includes pasta cooked with wonton, a few slices of pork, broccoli, and broth.

Noodles are eaten in the form of instant noodles or dried noodles according to the requirements of customers. Instant noodles will help maintain the moderate ripeness of the noodles, the broth also retains its flavor.

What is better than being hungry but be able to eat a bowl of hot, chewy noodles, taste some hot broth, sweet meat and add flavor with a slice of crispy pork meat?

Hope you enjoy your time in Malaysia!

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