Top 40 dishes that you should try right away when visiting Malaysia (Part 2)


More about the wonderful dishes in Malaysia, Asia. Should you ever visit this place, remember to try all of them.

>> Top 40 dishes that you should try right away when visiting Malaysia (Part 1)


On the road, you will easily recognize Bubur sellers for their stalls – including a large pot for cooking. The main ingredients of this dish are mainly coconut milk, meat, and vegetables, but may vary by region.

Roti Jala

Roti Jala is also known as net bread – one of the more popular snacks in Malaysia.

This dish is pancake made with flour, coconut milk, turmeric, eggs, salt, has a thin net surface and is often used for breakfast.

When eating, you can take with fruit jam, chocolate sauce, butter or cinnamon depending on taste.

Although it looks hard the cake is actually very soft with coconut milk.

Cendawan goring

Cendawan goring is a fried mushroom with pepper, chili or barbecue, often served as appetizers or snacks.

Sambal udang

Sambang udang @ Resepi Nennie Khuzaifah

Sambal udang is derived from Chinese immigrants in the 15th and 16th centuries.

They mostly came from Fujian Province, then settled down along the Malaysian coast and started to create a lot of unique, even somewhat weird dishes.

Sambal udang is made from shrimp mixed with sambal chili sauce, then added with less tamarind. In some places, shrimp are replaced with squid and rays.


Murtabak is made from wheat flour, minced meat with garlic, eggs, and onions. This dish is usually served with curry or gravy, cucumber, and tomato sauce.

Murtabak has two versions: sweet or salty with eggs and meat. Murtabak is very attractive because sour and spicy blend together makes you eat non-stop.

Asam pedas

Asam pedas @ Alchetron

Asam pedals are made from fish, plus some other ingredients such as ginger, shrimp, garlic, peppers, and herbs. The taste of this dish is very spicy and slightly fishy because of the use of freshwater fish or rays.


Lemang is sticky rice mixed with coconut milk, then cooked in a bamboo tube, served with meat or vegetables.

This dish is very good because when kept in a bamboo tube, the smell of sticky rice is almost intact, the rice seeds are ripe and very plastic.


Otak-otak @ Kenh14

Otak-Otak is also known as Otah-Otah. This is a very popular dish in Malaysia, with ingredients including mashed tuna mixed with some spices such as chili, ginger, shallots, turmeric, lemon and coconut milk.

This mixture is wrapped in banana leaves, then steamed or baked.

Normally, this dish is cooked in a way that will be more delicious because the seasoning is absorbed into the meat, the whole scent of fish and spices are kept in the banana leaves, so when opened it wil smell very good.

Tepung pelita

Tepung pelita is a form of kuih (Malaysian cake).

As the name implies, this cake is eye-catching and mouth-shaped, with the main ingredient in coconut milk, sugar, and pineapple leaves, which are fragrant.

Rempeyek snack

Rempeyek @ Wikipedia


Rempeyek is also a very popular salty snack in Malaysia, which is made by frying together with peanuts and anchovy.

Some places can replace anchovies with dried shrimp or garlic. Depending on the region where salt intake may be more or less.

Grilled meat Satay

Satay is said to have originated in Thailand, but some say this dish comes from Indonesia.

This dish is simply grilled skewered meat, but the Malaysian flavor is unique compared to other countries thanks to the spicy marinated formula with lemongrass and fresh turmeric.

Meat for satay can be chicken, beef or pork. This dish is best served with hot, peanut sauce served with cucumber, onion and ketupat rice cake.

Rojak salad

Rojak salad @ The Jewish Chronicle 

Rojak is a traditional vegetable salad of cucumber, young mango, pineapple, white radish, tofu, served with shrimp sauce.

The ingredients may vary by region, but generally, the three main ingredients for making this dish are sweet, sour and spicy.

Putu piring cake

Similar to roti jala, putu piring is very popular in India and Malaysia. This is steamed rice dumplings with thyme sugar, flat like a plate.

Malaysians often eat pancake pudding at traditional festivals or serve as junk food.


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