The most famous “Pho” shops in Hanoi.


Pho is one of the most symbolic dish of Vietnam. There are a lots of Pho shops that can be found around Hanoi, Vietnam as this is the birthplace of the dish. In order to save you some work of finding the right shops, here are the list of most famous Pho shops in Hanoi.

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Pho ga Yen Ninh

Pho Ga Yen Ninh @
Even though this is still a quite new “Pho” shop, Pho Ga Yen Ninh is still able to to make it to the list of the most famous Pho shop. It is quite expensive to eat here: about 60 000 VND per standard bowl and 100 000 to 150 000 VND per special bowl with even more meats, wings, eggs, hearts…
The shop is quite affordable for everyone, but at the rush hours, the customers have to sit on the pavement outside the shop to eat, the inside of the shop is also not that beautiful … all in all, it is not worth the high price if you think about it.
But the quality of a bowl is quite good, with lots of chicken, green onion… quite enough for a normal person. The taste is good, but not like you are gonna remember about it after eating. Lots of customers who come here the 1st time is surprised about the high price, and sometimes feel upset about it. But this shop is still very popular to many people, every day the customers form many lines to wait for their turn to eat.
Most of the loyal customers are the rich citizens. Many of them think that this is worth every VND they pay for, but some just got used to the taste and cannot eat anywhere else. The good attitude of servers is also a bonus point of this shop.

Pho ganh Hang Trong

Pho ganh Hang Trong @Vteen
Resides in 1 Hang Trong St, this shop is only from 16:00 to 20 or 20:30 in the afternoon. This shop is famous because you have to eat without any supports from table, chairs, hence the name “Pho bung” – Carry your Pho bowl.
In here you cannot expect to find a table put your bowl on. Even if the bowl is extremely hot, the customer still has to carry it. A small paper to help with the heat, and a pair of chopsticks (no spoon) is all you have to eat here. This is the style of this shop, lots of work but still strangely delicious.
Lots of people say that it is very hard to eat here, but worth the work. The soup is pure but still delicious, the meat is thin, soft, with some green onion… making the bowl smells extremely good.
Besides the shop is another shop which sells Tra da (Iced Vietnamese tea) along with Quay (Cruller) – which is both very suitable for eating Pho. This kind of coordination is number one! These good points kinda make Hanoian forget about the hardship they have to endure while eating here.

Pho Bat dan – Pho shop with a tradition of forming line

Pho Bat Dan @Hello Vietnam blog.
Having existed more than a half century, this shop (at 49 Bat Dan St) is considered one of the best destinations when visiting the capital of Vietnam.
Long existence is only a part of the reason, the true reason of the famous shop is the fact that you need to stand in line in order to get inside the shop. This is very much like war time of Vietnam and has occurred here every day like a beautiful, unique, interesting tradition of eating out in Hanoi.
Here at rush hours (morning), there are no servers! When it is your turn to order, you have to pay and then carry the bowl yourself to the table. The reward for this is a bowl of Pho with fresh beef, traditional pure soup and good taste overall.
In reality, it is not rare to find this kind of flavor in Hanoi, but the fact that you need to stand in line in order to get inside is unique to this shop and can be only found here at Pho Bat Dan.

Pho Thin Lo Duc – Traditional Pho shop with the fattest soup in Hanoi

Pho Thin Lo Duc @ Vi vu Hanoi.
With almost 30 years of existing, Pho Thin is famous for only one dish – Pho Bo Tai Lan ( Vietnamese Beef Pho with Almost raw meat)
Almost every other Pho shop always try to make the soup as pure as possible but still tasty, but this shop follows a completely different direction.
The soup in here is extremely fat because the meat is fried first with extra ginger and garlic. This kind of soup makes the customers extremely easy to lost the appetite, so little shops dare to follow this direction. Only Pho Thin dares to do this thanks to their secret recipe that keeps the customer coming back again.
Of course not everyone in Hanoi enjoys this “fatty” Pho but in reality, the existence and the high number of customers have convinced everyone that Pho Thin is one of the most high quality, exquisite Pho shop in Hanoi.

Hope you enjoy your time in Hanoi!
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