Some of the best places in Tokyo, Japan to enjoy the cuisine


Some of the best places in to eat in Tokyo, Japan. Coming to Japan, you have to stop at these places to try out the best cuisines that this lovely city has to offer.

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Sushi at Daimaru carousel

Speaking of Japanese cuisine, everyone thinks of sushi. Therefore, when traveling to the country of sunrise, if you do not try sushi once, it is really costly. But with a budget for a relatively modest trip, do not you dare step into expensive sushi restaurants? If so, the chain of the sushi restaurant Daimaru conveyor belt is a reasonable choice for you.

Daimaru is a famous sushi restaurant in Japan for the quality of sushi as well as reasonable price. The restaurant is equipped with modern conveyor systems and you can order dishes by the tablet is very convenient. The cost of a two-piece sushi dish ranges from 100 yen to 250 yen, equivalent to 20 to 50 thousand yen.

The price is reasonable and you only pay about 250,000 VND / person for a fresh sushi and full stomach.

Address: 1 Chome-14-1 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0013, nearest station is Ikebukuro Station.

Yamachan fried chicken wings

Yamachan fried chicken wing @ Out of Town Blog

If Vietnam is famous for fried chicken wings fish sauce, in Japan there are chains Yamachan famous restaurant with fried chicken wings fried salt. This is the food you definitely have to try while touring Tokyo, as this is a chain store so you can easily find it in major cities in Japan.

Yamachan fried chicken is marinated with traditional recipes and fried chicken is very special, so it will be very different with the usual fried chicken wings. Dry chicken skin is not wet like fish sauce fried fish, not greasy, but crispy tan, salted salt and spicy mixture of spicy black pepper. If you sip fried chicken with beer, it is a perfect combination.

Also, try crispy chicken cartilage rolls are quite attractive. When eating crispily fried chicken cartilage, you have to squeeze fresh lemon on the chicken and mix well, then enjoy, the sour taste of lemon mixed with the crispness of chicken cartilage will make customers cannot stop the chopsticks. Besides, the restaurant also has many other basic dishes such as fried rice, kimchi hot pot … And the price is quite reasonable, about 100 thousand for the 5 fried chicken wings.

Address: 1 Chome-42-1 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 171-0021 Nearest station is Ikebukuro Station

Ikinari steak

After enjoying the sushi and chicken wings, you suddenly crave the beef steak Ikinari steak store chain is a good choice, tonic and reasonable price for you. Ikinari steak shop is quite famous in Japan.

The space inside the restaurant, where most guests will stand to eat. This is also a special feature of the restaurant – munesada.

And the special thing about this shop is that there are very few seats, only a few tables have seats, the rest will stand to eat. The purpose of this design is to increase the number of guests to the restaurant, customers will eat faster when standing, the restaurant will serve more customers. However, you can still ask for a table with a seat to enjoy a comfortable meal.

Ikinari’s steak is soft and very tender, with a characteristic sauce called Ikinari, which is unique in the shop. A portion of beef steak depends on the amount of beef but the cost varies from 200 to 300 thousand VND for 150 grams – 250 grams of beef. Some beefsteaks will include salad dressings, vegetable soups, and rice or bread, so make sure your stomach is filled up with eating this steak.

Emperor Crab Buffet Kitanokazoku

The amazing crab in Japan @ Triplisher

In the cold air of autumn Japan, being with his friends gathering on the pot of emperor crab hot pot is nothing more than happy. Kitakazoku chain stores are famous for their hotpot buffet. If you choose the set menu of the Emperor, you will enjoy the king of unlimited delight within two hours. You can choose the hot pot to eat with, either sukiyaki hot pot or shabu shabu.

The restaurant will serve hot pot along with three pork, vegetables and crab dishes Emperor big and big. You will be instructed to use the scissors to cut the crabs so that when you remove the shell, keep the crab meat, then dip into the hot pot and then enjoy. Strong and sweet crab meat, the alternating salty taste of the sea, served with hot pot is great.

Part of the hotpot salmon crab buffet is about 650 thousand, although the price is quite high, it is worth to enjoy hot pot crab Emperor does not limit it?

Address: 1 Chome-13-11 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0013

Manneken Waffle

Spectacular waffle in Tokyo @ All-About-Japan

After enjoying the main dishes, you will probably crave a sweet dessert right? If so, Manneken Waffle will not disappoint. The Manneken waffle chain is very popular in Tokyo, and you only pay about 32,000 for a hot waffle.

There are a lot of flavors to choose from, including waffles like chocolate, green tea, almonds or original flavors, and seasonal waffles like sweet potato waffles for the season. Summer or autumn chestnut waffle. You can eat in the “hot and good to eat” or bring back.

Address: Keio Department store 1st floor

Hope you enjoy your time in Japan!

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