Food shops in Hanoi that have a strange opening time (P1)


 Some of the good food shops in Hanoi that has a strange opening time.

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1. Bun Cha “Bamboo Sticks” Bach Mai

The traditional bamboo grilling method @ Vnexpress

Bun Cha “Bamboo Sticks” Bach Mai has no longer been an address unknown to the gourmets of Hanoi. There are many reasons to call this shop “Arrogant Bun Cha”. This shop specializes in Bamboo Stick Bun Cha – a kind of noodles that little places sell in Hanoi. And then the sales hours here are extremely … strange because the opening time is at 2 pm and the shop is out of stock at “lightning speed”.

There are people who have to come to 3 or 4 times to get a taste of bun cha here. In addition, according to many customers, the owner is very … arrogant. However, because of the dish is so famous that every she opens, the noodle sells really fast.

Noodles are served with a bowl of sauce and a separate bowl of meat pies. The sauce is not very special but the meat pie is much more delicious than other places. The meat pies are not only soft but also are supported by bamboo sticks, so it is is also not easily broken. Put the pieces of marinated meat pie into a hot bowl of sauce and then eat it is a good way to experience the special characteristics of bun cha here with the fatty flavor of barbecue.

Perhaps because it is so delicious that even when the opening time is strange, it is not cheap to buy a serve here (40, 50,000 VND / bowl). Even when the seats are not convenient, the shop is still crowded and if you are not fast enough, you will not have anything left to eat. A little tip is that if you are going to eat in this store, you should come at 2 pm or 2:30 pm. If you come at 3 pm then it depends on luck, it could be empty already, or you have to wait for about 2-3 turn of guests in order to eat.

2. Pho Ganh Hang Chieu

Pho Ganh Hang Chieu @ Lozi

Pho – a dish associated with all generations of Hanoians. People can eat pho anytime from early morning to late at night. But not many places sell pho at night, so Loaded Pho Hang Chieu is the destinations for people who like to eat at night or early in the morning. The shop’s fortune consists just a loader with pots of broth, beef, and pork, sauces, noodles, onions, some plastic chairs.

Actually, if you compare the taste to other shops, Loaded Pho Hang Chieu is difficult to have the chance to be compared with Pho Ly Quoc Su or Pho Gam Cau. But at 2 am and 3am, when most of the shops in Hanoi are closed, Hang Chieu noodle soup with the smell of steamed bones, soft slices of tender beef is really a perfect choice.

With aromatic soup and soft beef, a bowl of Phở Hang Chieu is enough to keep people awake from the first spoon. However, there are some downsides, such as having to wait quite a long time in order to eat, or sometimes because the kitchen is small and the meat is too much, the meat is sometimes not that hot.

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