Dishes that you should try in Da Nang, Vietnam


Most popular dishes in Da Nang city, Vietnam.

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Verm seasoned noodles

This noddle in Da Nang is famous for its seasoning made from the sea fish, the grilled pig, and some vegetables, with the strong taste of chili. There are also lots of food to eat along like Nem Chua, jackfruit, pig ear, pork-pie.


Da Nang sandwich @ Da Nang cuisine

The sandwich is always one of the best street foods that Da Nang offer to tourists. This is the favorite food of many local and foreign youngsters. The sandwich here is made using egg, dried pork meat, pâté. After you fry or grill the sandwich, it smells really good. The sandwich is not only good but also has a reasonable price.

Cao Lau

This is originally a Hoi An dish but when in Da Nang, the tourists can still enjoy this delicious cuisine. Cao Lau in Da Nang is directly from Hoi An, fresh and is cooked on the same day. You can eat Cao Lau along with vegetables and crispy pork.

Chicken rice

Da Nang chicken rice @ Vietname Awesome Travel

Chicken rice is a popular choice for Da Nang people as well as tourists. There are many ways to cook this dish: Torn-chicken rice, Grilled chicken rice, Boiled chicken, fat-dipped chicken. You can eat also eat it with soups and some other good sour foods.


Every time in the year when you come to Da Nang, you can always enjoy this cheap but delicious dish. Snails in Da Nang is numerous in types. Each of them is thoroughly cooked and radiates a good smell that attracts the attention of many tourists.

Smashed rice pancake

This is one of the local delicacies that is popular within The Central provinces. A simple food made from rice, with a layer of grilled flour, a layer of wet flour. You should fold it into two pieces and smash it a bit. This taste really good with some salty seasonings in Da Nang.

Quang Noodle

Quang noodle @ Ahomevietnam

Quang Noodle is usually not as full as other noodles like Pho. There is not a lot inside the bowl but the soup tastes really good because of the local secrets. Eating Quang Noodle is not right without the vegetables like small borecole or thin banana buds. There are also green chili, roasted peanut, some slice of lemons and a pure fish sauce bowl.

Pork pancake

The tourists who visit Da Nang should not skip this dish.   This dish composed of sliced-and-boiled pork, Dai Loc pastry, a layer of wet flour, vegetables, cucumber, green banana. The main seasonings are also popular sauces in Da Nang that has salty tastes. All in all a good dish.

Dried-beef salad and mixed jackfruit

These are one of the best street foods that the youngsters in Da Nang usually enjoy on a cool afternoon.  The salad is crispy and full, the jackfruit is sliced and then mixed with vegetables and peanuts. The prices are quite cheap too, about 15.000 VND per plate.


Da Nang seafood @ Vietnam Travel Deals

A city near the sea like Da Nang offers tons of good seafood, so it would be a mistake not to enjoy them. The seafood in Da Nang is fresh, delicious and has a reasonable price. Shrimps, crabs, squid, oysters are waiting for you

Wet flour and Barbecue noodle

 Do not forget the experience the famous barbecue noodle or the barbecue wrapped inside a layer of wet flour. This should be eaten along with chili or sweet n’ sour sauce. You can eat this dish in the late afternoon when it’s cheap and delicious.

Fish ball noodles

This is one of the most famous food for breakfast in Da Nang cuisine. A bowl contains fish balls, kohlrabi, red pumpkin, pig Ruoc, onion, and tomato. There are two kinds of fish balls: Steamed and Fried. Based on the choice of the customers, the cook will put one or both of them into the bowl and then add the soup that is extremely delicious and easy to eat. This soup is made using fish bones mostly.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Da Nang!

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