Amazing pet cafes in Bangkok, Thailand that you should try right away

Little Zoo Cafe @ On a sea food diet

As a pet lover, if you visit this Thailand this 2018, be sure to visit these pet cafes in Bangkok. Coming here, not only you can enjoy a great coffee, you can also play with countless of cute pets that the store owns. Coming to these cafes might make you feel better about leaving your pet at home for the trip, even!

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1. Little Zoo Cafe

The restaurant is located in Sukhothai Ave. 99 Muangthongthani, Nonthaburi, where you can not only play with cats and dogs but also have access to some strange animals such as fox, mink … The drinks are quite rich, priced at over 120 baht Western food is priced over 200 baht a dish (1 baht equivalent to 700 VND).

2. Klom Cat

The shop is located at 544 Borommaratchachonnani Road, Arun Amarin. Guests can buy items at the shop for cats to eat. The cats here are very pretty and good, there are some cute little cats. The drinks price is “soft”, a little over 100 baht.

3. Inu Machi Cafe

Inu Machi Cafe @ Youtube

This is a paradise for those who love dogs because will be warmly welcomed by the most enthusiastic and hospitable dog. The restaurant has very cute and friendly breeds such as Siberia, Chiba … The restaurant offers more fine food such as western food priced over 300 baht next to a variety of drinks.

4. Makura Café

As a cat cafe, Makura Café owns very mischievous and fat cats. You can spend all day playing with them without getting bored. The restaurant is quite small, serving drinks but not many types, located on Srinagarindra.

5. HoPs Dog cafe

Conveniently located in the prime location, just off the BTS Siam, the Hops Dog is the place to be for those who love the cute puppies not to miss, in the short-legged corgi dogs that make the dogs tan. run. Each drink costs about 150 baht, you should try green tea.

6. Cataholic café

Cataholic café @ Youtube

This is the home of the lazy cat sleeping on. You can watch them sleep or wait until the cats wake up. Located at floor 2,307 Sukhumvit 39, Klongton-Nua, Wattana, guests can call some ice blended drinks or toast and hamburger.

7. Heart dog café

Quan is not only a regular cafe but also a venue for events for dog-loving groups; In addition, there is a small spa for dogs, where guests can bring dogs to care “beauty” and health. The restaurant serves Thai dishes and some drinks at affordable prices.

8. The Barkyard BKK

The Barkyard is even more advanced than the Heart Dog for dog care, as there is also a swimming pool and lawn for dogs only. The dogs are also hair care, nails … very picky. The restaurant serves some healthy food and drinks detox.

9. Dog in Town

Dog in Town @ Wanderlicious

Dog in Town is located near the commercial center, at 16/1 Ekkamai6 Sukhumvit. The only major breeders are large Siberian breeders, smooth and lovely. This “unique” staff is very friendly and hospitable, making guests come here fun, enjoy.

10. The Animal Cafe

Located at No. 19 Le raffles Sathupradit and No. 24 Naratiwas, Bangkok, the restaurant does not raise the usual animals but there are many strange species such as rare cats, owls, birds … The restaurant serves food and drinks but not many options for you.

Hopefully you will enjoy your time in Bangkok, Thailand!

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